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Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne

In this beginner's class, Dee will cover the basics of saxophone to provide you will a solid starting point for learning the instrument.
Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne
by Dee Byrne
Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne by Dee Byrne - music in London

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The saxophone is very popular, as it is so versatile and allows the player to really express themselves. There are so many things to explore in the world of the saxophone, and with Dee's student-centred approach, she can tailor your learning to suit your schedule, preferences and ambitions.

Some of her students have very clear goals, such as wanting to join a band, learn how to read music, get proficient at jazz improvisation or learn their favourite tune. Others might just be curious about playing the saxophone and want to give it a go. Whatever you want to do, Dee can support you and make it an uplifting and positive experience!

The basics You will be taught all the basics so that you can start playing the saxophone. This includes:

  • How to hold the instrument
  • Where to put your fingers on the keys
  • Correct embouchure
  • Articulation
  • Dynamics

Getting a nice sound One of the most important things is to learn to develop a great sound on the instrument. This makes practising and playing more fun! You will be taught about breathing from the diaphragm to keep a steady flow of air through the instrument. Playing long notes is the only way to develop a warm, rich tone. We will do this as a warm up at the beginning of every lesson.

Learning a tune by ear Lots of people who are attracted to playing the saxophone want to learn how to play their favourite tune, or play a solo they have heard. We can do that! Learning music aurally is an important skill. By using a software app, we can slow down and loop sections of any piece of music you want to learn and so you can quickly start playing it yourself.

Music theory We will cover the basic elements of music theory:

  • Major scales
  • Arpeggios
  • Intervals
  • The circle of fifths
  • Modes of the major scale

Reading This is a great skill to have, and we will spend a portion of the lesson learning to read simple melodies.

Improvisation Dee considers this to be the most enjoyable part of playing saxophone. Some people think that it’s really hard to improvise, but it is a fundamental part of learning, whatever your level. With a few scales under your belt, we can incorporate simple improvising over backing tracks into the lesson. In a safe environment, you will be surprised how freeing it is to be able to make up melodies on the spot.

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Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne by Dee Byrne - music in London

About your host, Dee Byrne

Dee Byrne is a saxophonist, composer and improviser based in London. Since graduating from Trinity Laban in 2011, she has become an active figure in the UK creative scene and beyond, involved in various original jazz and improvising ensembles including Favourite Animals, Deemer, Word of Moth and Beats & Pieces. Her own quintet ENTROPI released its second album ‘Moment Frozen’ in September 2017 on Whirlwind Recordings to critical acclaim (‘Intense, muscular jazz voyage.’ ★★★★ The Guardian). Moment Frozen is available to purchase on the Whirlwind Recordings Bandcamp page. The album recording was supported by a PRSF Women Make Music grant in 2016. The quintet recently completed a successful ten-date UK tour in Autumn 2017. Highlights included an album launch at the prestigious Kings Place in London and performances at EFG London Jazz Festival (Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho) and Cambridge Jazz Festival. Dee was featured in the ‘Taking Off’ section in the December/January 2018 edition of Jazzwise magazine.

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Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne
by Dee Byrne
Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne by Dee Byrne - music in London
Single session


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Beginners Saxophone Lessons with Dee Byrne

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