Master professional level stitching techniques with sewing classes in Liverpool! Explore Liverpool’s rich history of dressmaking success as well as the impressive skills needed to make your own garments. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience with a needle and thread, sewing classes in Liverpool will help you reach your sewing potential! We have sewn together a list of the top 9 best sewing classes in Liverpool that will inspire you to patch up your sewing skills.

Top 9 Best Sewing Classes in Liverpool:

  • Beginners Dressmaking Course
  • Sewing for Beginners Workshop
  • Learn to use a Sewing Machine Class
  • One-to-One Patchwork Workshop
  • After-school Sewing Club
  • Beginners Sewing Shorts and Pants Class
  • Intermediate Sewing Class
  • Introduction to Sewing Course
  • Beginners Kimono Sewing Course

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Beginners Dressmaking Course

Location: Heswall, The Wirral

Learn how to make quality clothing that you can wear with pride in this dressmaking course. By the end of this beginner course, you will be able to walk down the street wearing garments you have designed and made with your own two hands! All of the materials, fabrics, threads and supplies you will need are provided alongside encouraging guidance and direction from your expert teacher. This course is made up of four interactive workshops where you will learn how to make Palazzo pants and a Kimono.

The Barn is enthusiastic about helping students make clothing to a high standard within a fun and friendly teaching environment. Teachers in their workshops have a wealth of experience helping students fulfil their personal sewing goals and ambitions. If you want to learn how to design and create your own customised clothing, The Barn are sure to have a workshop that helps you express yourself through fashion.

Sewing for Beginners Workshop

Location: Calderstones, Liverpool

Get creative in this beginners sewing workshop! This workshop is designed with complete beginners in mind, so if you feel completely clueless when it comes to sewing, then this is the workshop for you. Within this workshop, you will learn all of the impressive sewing skills needed to make a customised cushion cover. All of the materials you will need are provided in this workshop, so all you need to bring along is your unique creativity for when it comes to decorating and adorning your cushion cover.

The Create Workshop enjoys teaching students of all ages and levels how to make home furnishing and accessories. Their workshops welcome all students, no matter where they are in their sewing journey! From pattern cutting and dressmaking to creating customised cushion covers, their range of workshops are sure to inspire your inner seamster.

Learn to use a Sewing Machine Class

Location: Hoylake, The Wirral

Feeling a little intimidated by your sewing machine? This class will show you that a sewing machine is a powerful and exciting piece of equipment that you definitely shouldn't be scared of! Learn how to confidently use your sewing machine to make and repair clothing and accessories. In this class, you will learn how to thread up your sewing machine, wind a bobbin, untangle your sewing machine, change a needle and so much more.

Crafters and Makers have a wide selection of sewing workshops. Their classes aim to teach students sewing skills and techniques which are both exciting and practical. Build your creativity and innovative nature in workshops with Crafters and Makers and discover the rewarding experience of fulfilling your own crafty sewing projects.

One-to-One Patchwork Workshop

Location: Greasby, The Wirral

One-to-one workshops give you the opportunity to prioritise the skills you want to learn. No matter if you’re a beginner or intermediate sewing student, all students can benefit from learning in a one-to-one workshop. Beginners can grasp basic sewing skills at their own pace without feeling like they are struggling to keep up in a group workshop. Whereas, intermediate and experienced students can refine their skills and develop more technical patchwork abilities.

Stitchscape has an array of social group sewing classes as well as their one-to-one interactive workshops. Teachers at Stitchscape celebrate quilting, sewing and all craft skills that promote creativity and inventiveness.

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After-school Sewing Club

Location: Burscough, West Lancashire

Let your children indulge in their creativity after a day of concentration! This two hour long after-school sewing club gives children the opportunity to get creative and explore their artistic nature. Making their own clothes and accessories in this workshop will help children express themselves through fabrics and fashion while also building basic life skills such as sewing.

Sewing Street at Burscough Wharf run their classes in West Lancashire just outside of Liverpool. However, their classes and workshops are definitely worth going the extra mile! As well as getting creative in their workshops, students can also learn practical and technical skills such as how to attach a zip, how to sew intricate seams and so much more.

Beginners Sewing Shorts and Pants Class

Location: Baltic Triangle, Liverpool

Want to make garments like a professional? This class will teach you how to make high quality pants and shorts. Whether you want to make shorts for men or women, this class will help you bring your design together. Get step-by-step guidance throughout the whole process of producing your own pieces of clothing in this hands-on workshop. Make casual shorts or get experimental and create a pair of flared trousers, this class will help you master many different sewing techniques for any design.

Sew Anita embraces fashion, sewing and creating. Within their workshops you will learn tips and tricks of the clothes making trade from encouraging and knowledgeable teachers. In classes with Sew Anita, you will discover the enriching and rewarding nature of sewing and stitching!

Intermediate Sewing Class

Location: Cressington, Liverpool

Already got some sewing skills? Looking for a class that will challenge and refine your abilities with a needle and thread? Look no further, this is the sewing class for you! Learn how to make your own personalised pair of pyjama bottoms in this sewing class for intermediate students. After this two hour long class, you will leave with a greater understanding of technical sewing methods as well as a pair of your very own cosy pyjamas bottoms.

Craft Out Loud are loud and proud about their sewing expertise and are eager to share their knowledge with sewing students. Their goal is to help students create clothing that stands out and represents their character and style. From making home furnishings to creating clothing, develop your confidence in your sewing abilities in workshops with Craft Out Loud.

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Introduction to Sewing Course

Location: Ropewalks, Liverpool

This course gives you a full introduction to sewing skills, approaches and techniques. Master the basics of sewing before building your abilities with technical and advanced sewing patterns and methods. With the direction and encouragement of your welcoming teacher, you will learn the foundations of sewing in this informative yet fun introductory course. Each course is limited to no more than six students, this is to ensure that your teacher can give each student the attention they need to develop their sewing skills and techniques.

Jane Allen runs workshops which are full of inspiration and expertise. Jane has a rich history of working within the fashion industry alongside renowned designers and retailers. If you are wanting to learn patchwork and dressmaking while gaining valuable insights into the fashion industry from a knowledgeable teacher, then Jane Allen has the perfect sewing workshops for you.

Beginners Kimono Sewing Course

Location: Vauxhall, Liverpool, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool and Birkenhead, The Wirral

This course is made up of three informative and exciting sewing workshops where you will learn the steps needed to sew your own kimono. It’s time to dust off your sewing machine and learn impressive sewing skills and approaches. In this course you will learn about different fabrics, how to operate an overlocker, how to patch pockets and sew hems as well as many more sewing skills. You will then put what you have learned to the test when making your very own kimono.

Make run their workshops in a selection of locations around Liverpool and are determined to help students find their fondness for fabrics and sewing. As well as their inspiring sewing workshops, they also run a wide range of craft workshops which celebrate innovation and creativity.

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From embroidery classes and patchwork courses to workshops helping you get the most out of your sewing machine, learn how to build your intricate sewing abilities from professional and creative teachers. Many sewing enthusiasts believe that sewing is an incredibly soothing and mindfulness experience. No matter your motive for learning new sewing skills, sewing classes in Liverpool will give you the sewing know-how needed to fulfil your personal sewing projects.

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