Excited about your first creative writing class in London? You should be! Joining a creative writing group or attending a drop in class gives you the opportunity to explore new ideas, exercises and techniques. One thing you can expect from a creative writing class in London is a friendly, inspiring and artistic atmosphere. So if you thought you’d be walking into a stuffy English literature lecture, think again!

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Looking for a creative writing workshop in London? Ruth V Jarvis is an author, editor and script consultant with plenty of creative writing expertise! Within her creative writing workshops students can get expert feedback and develop their artistic creative writing skills.

Ruth's creative writing workshops with Articulate are based at the London School of Mosaic in North West London. As well as developing your creative writing skills, the London School of Mosaic also host artistic mosaic workshops and courses.

Want to meet like minded students, get feedback and learn new creative writing techniques? Then be sure to join Ruth in her interactive and inspiring creative writing workshops!

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Sharing your ideas in a judgement free environment, discussing your favourite authors and learning new techniques are all things you can expect in a creative writing class in London. We spoke to Ruth, an experienced creative writing tutor, to find out what students should expect in their first creative writing class in London!

Top 5 Things to Expect in a Creative Writing Class in London:

  1. Learn in Steps
  2. A Judgement Free Environment
  3. Exercises and Approaches
  4. Share Ideas and Get Feedback
  5. Discover New Techniques

1. Learn in Steps

One thing to expect in your first creative writing class is to learn in steps. Learning in steps gives you a greater understanding of each aspect of the creative writing process.

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Ruth breaks down how students will learn within her creative writing workshops as well as how this will build their confidence and develop their skills.

'Students will learn in steps: Keeping a journal. Learning to go with their creative energy and not to filter. Looking at other authors and how they tackle the different aspects of writing such as point of view, how to create a cast of characters. Discussion about what they are doing and listening to others is a super way to learn and grow confidence. They will do writing exercises in class, prompted by the topics shared and then go on to develop that piece in their own time. These pieces will be shared for feedback if the student wishes in the following class.'

2. A Judgement Free Environment

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Ruth finds that something students may find surprising and unexpected in their first creative writing class, is the encouraging, friendly and judgement free atmosphere in the workshop.

'That others are not as judgemental as students may anticipate, and writers want to support other writers. Often in class, students go a long way to support each others development. This is a great thing to see, as the writing really starts to come on and student try new techniques.'

It's natural to feel nervous about sharing your thoughts, ideas and goals. However, creative writing workshops are a friendly, welcoming and judgement free space where you can share your ideas and hear about projects other students have been working on.

3. Exercises and Approaches

Within their first creative writing class, students can expect to discover practical exercises that will benefit their approach to creative writing.

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Ruth ensures that beginners leave their first creative writing workshop with new methods, exercises and techniques that they can introduce into their approach to creative writing.

'I think the core thing here is how to build a regular writing practice by finding ways into writing. Being excited to explore different aspects of the craft because they gain a greater understanding of the fundamentals.'

4. Share Ideas and Get Feedback

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The main focus within creative writing workshops is get inspiration, learn new skills and most importantly share ideas with other aspiring writers.

'New writers can often feel quite reticent about sharing their work in a public space; confidence to do so takes time, but that still doesn’t mean they should miss out on the opportunity to get some level of feedback.'

Ruth is enthusiastic about giving students the chance to share their work with other students. She believes this will help students develop both their writing capabilities and their confidence in their projects.

5. Discover New Techniques

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As you would probably expect, in your first creative writing workshop you are sure to discover new techniques that will benefit your writing process.

'Get into the finer details of writing a story through building character, setting, learning how to use dialogue etc.'

When hosting creative writing workshops, Ruth aims to encourage students to explore a range of genres, techniques and skills from the very first workshop.

Beginners can expect to dive straight into their creative writing journey from their very first class!

'Week one will include a get to know you session, and then we will explore different genres and forms, giving a perspective on how multi-faceted the world of creative writing can be. Once a budding writer understands that there is so much on offer, it can be a very freeing experience.'

Workshops with Articulate at London School of Mosaic

Whether you want an inspiring space to share ideas and get feedback or you want to develop your writing skills, workshops with Ruth are sure to build your confidence in your creative writing projects.

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Ruth is passionate about giving aspiring writers the tools they need to get the most out of their writing. As well as her creative writing workshop, Ruth also runs a women's creative writing group.

'Explore works from great women authors and use their stories and poems to open up a better understanding of what we can achieve as creative writers.'

Ruth's aim with this group is to provide a space for women to explore their ideas, celebrate other women and feel empowered when writing.

'I am really excited about this group, and I believe it has the potential to unite women from all walks of life through a common purpose.'

Want to build your writing skills alongside other enthusiastic, artistic and creative students? Join an inspiring workshop with Ruth and unlock your creative writing potential.

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Creative writing can be an incredibly rewarding way to record your thoughts and ideas. Whether you're completely new to creative writing or you've dabbled in previous projects, students of any level can get inspired by a creative writing workshop. Share you're ideas, meet other aspiring writers and get expert guidance from a professional tutor within creative writing workshops in London.

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