Whether you want to have a spin wheel throwing or hand building ceramic pots, get messy and creative in the best pottery classes Brighton has to offer! Discover your passion for pottery, from raku firing, plant pot making to sculpting clay pieces of art.

Explore and develop a new skill and hobby or create ceramic pieces made in the shape and style that you desire. Whatever your motive and interest is in making ceramics, we have got a run down of the top 10 best pottery classes in Brighton for you!

Top 10 Best Pottery Classes in Brighton are:

  • Make Your Own Ceramics
  • General Pottery 9 Week Course
  • Classes at my Studio in Brighton
  • Eve Shepherd Clay Sculptures Courses
  • Flower Pot Workshop
  • Throw and Turn!
  • Wheel Throwing Taster Session
  • Raku Firing Days
  • Pottery and Tile Decorating
  • Individual 3-Week Pottery classes for Beginners

Children’s Art and Pottery Autumn After School Club

Image via www.ninanewmanceramics.co.uk

Location: West Blatchington, Hove

This ceramics class with Nina Newman Ceramics will teach children how to creatively assemble their own personal pieces. Getting their hands dirty while moulding, playing and shaping their own art and pottery allows children to develop their creativity in a rewarding and interactive way. Not only will children have fun learning new pottery techniques and methods they will also get to take home their pottery once it is ready to collect and display it with honour!

Nina Newman Ceramics run a wide range of pottery classes for children and adults of all abilities. Whether you want to paint and decorate or sculpt and make your own pottery, there is sure to be a workshop for you! Nina Newman Ceramics believes that cultivating objects is an enriching and relaxing way to relieve stress and anxiety and is passionate about sharing the soothing power of pottery with eager students.

General Pottery 9 Week Course

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

Feel spoilt for choice? Choosing between mastering hand building or wheel throwing techniques is a decision no one should have to make! Luckily this 9 week course at Pottery Gagliano offers classes in both hand building and wheel throwing. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have experience, this course will teach you about the different ways clay can be used to make ceramics. Not only will you get an overview of each pottery process, you will also get in touch with your creativity by learning about decoration slips to adorn your piece.

Pottery Gagliano is enthusiastic about getting your hands dirty to create something beautiful and unique. Not only do they believe pottery is an exciting way to exercise your creativity, they also believe pottery is a powerful tool for practising mindfulness.

Make Your Own Ceramics

Image via www.silviakceramics.co.uk

Location: North Laine, Brighton

Let your creativity roll free! In this hand building workshop Silvia will teach you engaging slabbing techniques to make your own vase. Whether you want to make a traditional cylinder or bend your mould into a unique design, this class will help you channel your creativity to build your own ceramic piece. Not only will you make your own charming vase, you will also design and decorate your vase with whatever style you desire. Silvia will also provide refreshments including tea, coffee, fruit and biscuits to fuel your imagination. Each class has a maximum of five people so that Silvia can give each person the guidance and support they need.

Classes with Silvia-K will enlighten you to the process of making ceramics, from moulding your clay to glazing and firing it. With a fun, informal and peaceful atmosphere, each workshop is the perfect setting to encourage your creative freedom and imagination.

Eve Shepherd Clay Sculptures Courses

Location: Brighton

Eve Shepherd is renowned for creating innovative and striking sculptures. Eve’s style adds a unique contemporary flair to classic and traditional practises. With her extremely talented and artistic eye for capturing universal and intense emotion, Eve provides enriching, thought provoking and inventive workshops.

Challenge yourself and put your imagination to the test by transforming clay into a stimulating artistic statement. Eve believes that clay is an immensely helpful and flexible tool for directing subconscious thoughts and feelings to the surface. That’s why each clay sculpture workshop and class is the perfect setting for practising mindfulness and meditation. Let Eve introduce you to clay sculpture cultivation skills and techniques so you can carve your creativity into a piece of artwork.

Flower Pot Workshop

Location: The Lanes, Brighton

Have you got green fingers? Get stuck into a new skill and create your own pots to compliment your gardening and agriculture hobbies. Learn how to make your own plant and flower pots in whatever shape, style and design you envisage! This hand building pottery class is suitable for beginners or students who are already familiar with ceramics. Potters Thumb has no more than four students in each workshop to ensure that each student is getting the most out of the class.

Potters Thumb provides informative and interactive pottery classes for people of any ability. However, they are not only skilled in teaching and passing on new pottery skills to students, they are also determined to reduce the use and production of single use glass with their ‘Glass Porcelain’ project. Broaden your knowledge in pottery and ceramic skills and techniques as well as your understanding of zero waste issues and solutions.

Throw and Turn!

Image via www.shorehampottery.com

Location: Old Shoreham, Brighton

It’s time to throw down your pottery expertise onto the wheel! Whether you already have some experience with wheel throwing or none at all, learn about what happens after you have spun your pot to perfection, this throw and turn class will teach you about the next steps taken to make your ceramic pieces. This two week course will develop your wheel throwing ability as well as teach you about how to turn and finish your pot.

Shoreham Pottery has established a supportive and artistic community of teachers and students. This warm and welcoming school is the perfect environment to learn new ceramic making techniques while getting to meet encouraging and friendly teachers and students. If you want creative as well as technical advice when making your own masterpiece, then Shoreham Pottery is sure to have the right pottery workshop for you.

Wheel Throwing Taster Session

Location: Lewes, Brighton

Want to know if wheel throwing is for you? Star Pottery has structured a workshop that aims to help beginners who are interested in pottery see if wheel throwing sends their world spinning! In this three hour workshop, you will get access to an electric seated wheel, tea and coffee refreshments as well as the option to pick up your finished pottery at a later date.

Star Pottery makes premium homemade tableware and assembles custom pieces alongside running their fulfilling pottery classes. Their pottery is made to be cherished, it is not only beautifully crafted but it is also very durable and strong. Start Pottery embraces eager beginners of all ages who are keen to learn a new skill and create stunning ceramics.

Raku Firing Days

Location: Lewes, Brighton

Fired up to learn something new? Raku firing classes at The Paddock Studio Pottery have a maximum of four people in each workshop so they can make sure each student is getting to grips with this new skill. Learn about the raku firing process and how you can make your own fascinating and distinctive pieces.

The Paddock Studio Pottery has a rich history of successful teaching experience. They are passionate about inspiring beginners who are keen to learn more about different pottery methods and processes such as raku pottery as well as develop their personal pottery skills. The Paddock Studio Pottery accepts that every ceramic piece will be different and encourages students to add their unique touches to their one of a kind individual pot.

Pottery and Tile Decorating

Photo by Kazuo ota / Unsplash

Location: Seven Dials , Brighton

Feeling inspired by the people around you? Gather your friends and family and embark on a pottery adventure! Release your creativity and decorate, paint and garnish your tile with your chosen design and finish. Not only will you get to adorn your tile in your own style, you also have the opportunity to experience wheel throwing to make your own personalised pot. This class includes your pot being finished with the finest tools by expert teachers and will be ready to collect a couple of weeks after the workshop. Learning can be thirsty work, that's why this class kindly offers a tipple for you to enjoy at the start of the workshop.

Pottery and Pints are passionate about helping students boost their artistic nature. Through teaching students how to decorate and design their tiles and create their pots, they are encouraging each student to express their creativity. Although Pottery and Pints are accomplished in supporting students' creative growth, they are also enthusiastic about helping beginner students realise their fondness for the world of ceramics.

Individual 3-Week Pottery classes for Beginners

Image via www.tgceramics.co.uk

Location: Lewes, Brighton

If you’re looking for an all rounder wheel throwing class then look no further. This course is made up of three classes where you will receive expert guidance from Tanya in her professional studio. Learn everything you need to know about wheel throwing to make impressive pottery with your own two hands. With everything from materials, glazing and firing included in the class, you have everything you need to build your own beautiful pieces.

Tanya Gomez at TG Ceramics has developed specialist skills in throwing, cutting and many more techniques to create impressive vessels. Tanya celebrates the dynamic nature of clay and how it can appear delicate and soft in comparison to the precise and strong techniques used to generate different shapes and forms. Passions for pottery should be passed on by a knowledgeable teacher, with Tanya’s wealth of experience workshops are always illuminating.

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Ceramic pots, vases and art can all be explored and achieved within your very first pottery workshop. Pottery can be an incredibly exciting and energising activity, from moulding shapes with your own two hands to painting and designing your ceramic piece. However, many people find pottery very peaceful and calming. Whether you find artistic forms of expression like pottery invigorating or soothing, there is sure to be many more art and craft classes to satisfy your creative urges!

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