Painting classes can create any atmosphere, from peaceful and soothing mindful painting courses to lively and boozy paint and sip workshops. Pick up your paintbrush and unleash your imagination! Recreate your favourite landscapes and paint a bright summer scene, a starry dark night or a snowy countryside. Challenge your creativity and produce provoking and unique abstract artwork. The choice is yours! We have rounded up the top 10 best painting classes in Brighton so you can waste no time finding your passion for painting.

The Top 10 Best Painting Classes in Brighton are:

  • Painting in Oils
  • Landscape Painting with Julian Le Bas
  • After School Classes for 6-10 Year Old Students
  • Guided One-to-One Oil Painting Class
  • Life Painting Course
  • The Creative Painting Space
  • Botanical Illustration: 4 Session Course
  • 6 week Acrylic Painting Course
  • Studio Painting Workshop
  • 2 Days Watercolour Class

Painting in Oils

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Location: Brighton City Centre

If you’re looking for a fun and social painting workshop then look no further! This painting with oils class run by Evolution Arts and Natural Health provides a friendly environment for you to develop your skills alongside like-minded painting enthusiasts.

This painting workshop is beneficial for students of all abilities. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience with a paintbrush and want to learn some new tips and tricks, this workshop will enlighten you to new approaches, techniques and methods. Build your tone, shading and colour mixing abilities as well as your understanding of the process of oil painting from a knowledgeable expert.

Tutors at Evolution Arts and Natural Health not only have a wealth of experience producing art but they also have a zest for helping students discover their love of artistic expression through painting and other art forms.

Landscape Painting with Julian Le Bas

Location: Lewes, Brighton

Do you have a keen eye for detail? From vast expansive mountains to intricate leaves and creatures, paint all features of the great outdoors, no matter how big or small. If you feel inspired by picturesque natural environments, learn how to paint stunning scenery in this landscape painting workshop.

Learn how to project and create an atmosphere in your landscape painting. This workshop will help pay attention and observe all aspects of a beautiful landscape as well as how to translate this scene into an impressive painting. Demonstrations and specific advice from Julian will be given throughout the workshop, to ensure you are progressing in your landscape painting skills.

The New School of Art celebrates exceptional paintings and drawings. Offering a wide range of painting classes led by established teachers means they are sure to have a class that brings out your inner Van Gogh!

After School Classes for 6-10 Year Old Students

Location: Hove, Brighton

Interactive art skills can be very valuable for children. Painting is not only an exciting and fun hobby for children to have, but it also has many benefits to their growth, development and well-being. Painting workshops allow children to exercise their creativity as well as their confidence to use tools effectively to fulfil their artistic visions and ideas.

This structured workshop led by Artroom Brighton helps children make impressive and intriguing artwork. This workshop is part of a course which runs weekly throughout half of the academic year.

Concerned your child will start getting bored? Not to worry! Each workshop introduces a new technique within a new artistic method, from painting to drawing and project to scratch book work, this workshop will build children’s painting and other art skills.

Artroom Brighton believes in using the best teaching methods for students, that’s why they provide structured and interactive workshops for people of all ages.

Guided One-to-One Oil Painting Class

Location: North Laine, Brighton

Sonny Williams understands that not everyone thrives in a group painting class. That’s why he has set up a one-to-one painting workshop, to make sure there is something for everyone no matter their learning style. Gain technical oil painting techniques while receiving focused attention from your tutor in this one-to-one workshop.

Give yourself the best start in your oil painting endeavours by learning key and essential foundation oil painting skills. Master your colour mixing, blending and value capabilities and create awe-inspiring artwork. Leave this tailored workshop with a new painting project and an enhanced understanding of oil painting methods.

Sonny Williams Oil Painting Lessons provides quality and flexible painting workshops. Whether you want to finally bring your passion project to life with the guidance of an expert or want extra advice if you’re feeling rusty, Sonny will help you meet your painting potential!

Life Painting Course

Location: Brighton City Centre

Have you always wanted to perfect painting the human body? Fill your blank page with soft curves and angled features. Attending a life painting class can be a very powerful experience for students. Not only will you develop your painting skills, you will also become more comfortable with the human form as well as promote a positive, empowering and healthy message about body image.

This course is made up of around five workshops where you will complete a life painting of a model who will present the same pose each week. The repetition of working on the same pose gives you time to pay attention to detail, develop your technical abilities and challenge yourself with a new ongoing project to look forward to each week.

Sussex County Arts Club runs drop-in life painting and drawing workshops for students to conquer their dread of life painting. They instead create an engaging and positive atmosphere for students to build their skills, confidence and techniques when painting.

The Creative Painting Space

Location: Seaford, Brighton

Feel like you need an expert opinion to make the most out of your painting project? Maybe you need some inspiration to keep pursuing and developing your painting or some reassurance and encouragement. This workshop provides students with the opportunity to bring along paintings they have been working on and receive direction, guidance and motivation from a compassionate painting expert!

If you’ve hit a creative wall or you’re struggling to put your finger on what is holding your creative process back, this course will help you find your confidence to see your project through. Not only will you get advice and guidance on your specific personal painting, you will also learn more about your creative process and how to tackle the challenging situations all artists find themselves in.

Emily Ball at Seawhite hosts a range of intriguing and enriching painting and other art workshops. If you’re finding it difficult to advance your painting skills or finish your unique artwork, then this workshop will help you find your feet and belief in your artistic journey.

Botanical Illustration: 4 Session Course

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

Experience the wonder of watercolour painting! Learn the fundamental methods, skills and techniques needed to create beautiful botanical illustrations. Push your observational skills and produce impressive recreations of bright botanical gardens on your canvas.

This course, which consists of four engaging workshops, will strengthen your meticulous attention to detail as well as your watercolour painting skills. Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience with watercolours, this course will invigorate your creativity and artistic skills!

The Garden House champions nature, the great outdoors and more specifically beautiful gardens. They believe in the nourishing effect of gardens and are enthusiastic about helping students find new ways to appreciate the beauty of nature through painting workshops, floristry courses and many more.

6 week Acrylic Painting Course

Location: Preston, Brighton

Explore new materials to create striking and beautiful paintings. Learn how to use gels, glazes and abstract colours of acrylic paint. Enlighten yourself to new techniques and composition approaches from a talented teacher.

This acrylic painting course is an ideal fit for beginners or students wanting to improve their existing painting skills. No matter what your level of ability is, you are sure to learn something new in this workshop! Class sizes are limited to small groups to ensure that the teacher can give each student the attention they need and deserve to progress their painting skills. All you need to do is bring along your apron, enthusiasm and creativity, as this workshop provides all the supplies you could need!

Denise Harrison is an experienced painter who loves sharing her passion for painting with students. Denise is well versed in using acrylic and oil paints as well as delivering exceptional and rewarding workshops for eager painting students.

Studio Painting Workshop

Location: Lewes, Brighton

Painting doesn’t have to be a private party of one! Painting in a studio with a group of equally energised students can create the perfect environment for developing your painting progress.

This weekly painting workshop provides a space for you to improve and advance your personal and unique paintings. Need a breakthrough? Often students find inspiration while in the setting of a professional studio and surrounded by other budding artists. Leave this workshop feeling excited about the direction of your painting as well as animated with your new skills and abilities!

Dairy Studio Art Courses were set up and are run by Susie Monnington. Susie has a rich history of working within the art and design industry, her workshops are the best destination for anyone who is wanting to awaken their slumbering creativity and build intricate technical painting skills in an encouraging and friendly environment.

2 Days Watercolour Class

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Location: Henfield, Brighton

Nature and Wildlife have an extremely positive impact on our mental and physical health and well-being. Breathing in fresh air and exploring new areas of unfamiliar ground is beneficial for our bodies. However, painting and relaxing in a scenic garden can provide the ultimate setting to practise mindfulness and reflection.

This watercolour course is set in the tranquil and calming Sussex Prairie Garden. Enjoy access to the garden as well as learning new painting techniques in the garden room. Leave this workshop feeling uplifted and accomplished with your new skills and picturesque painting of the beautiful garden.

Painting classes with Emily Jolley will build your confidence and enjoyment when painting. Not only does Emily teach stimulating painting classes, she also helps beginner students find their artistic spirit and appreciation for their own creativity and imagination.

Need more advice?

Painting classes in Brighton have so much to offer, from life or landscape painting to watercolour, acrylic or oil painting. Whether you would like an adult workshop so you can pick up a wine glass in a paint and sip course or a children’s class to encourage their abstract creativity through painting, professional painting teachers in Brighton are eager to build your skills in their inspiring classes. Adorn your walls with your own artwork made in the best painting classes in Brighton!

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