Whether you want to brighten up your evening by developing an impressive skill or find a new exciting way to channel your creativity, beginner floristry courses will teach you the best techniques to arrange and care for your flowers. Discover striking combinations using sunflowers, roses, wild flowers and many more. We have put together the top 10 best floristry classes that will make your floristry skills blossom and bloom!

The Top 10 Best Floristry Classes in Brighton are:

  • Hand-Tied Bouquet Workshop
  • Fresh Flower Crown Workshop
  • East Meets West Floral Arrangement Class
  • Create Your Own Floristry Course
  • Flower Headdress Making Class
  • Bottle Terrarium Workshop
  • Floristry for Beginners
  • Christmas Workshop
  • Private Floristry Workshop
  • Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Hand-Tied Bouquet Workshop

Image via www.flourishsussex.com

Location: Hurstpierpoint

If you long to acquire the skills and expertise of a knowledgeable florist, this beginner class will teach you all you need to know about the basic as well as advanced floristry techniques. In this half a day class you will receive direction from a talented florist to arrange your own hand-tied bouquet to take home with you.

Not only will you be leaving this course with your beautiful bouquet, you will also have obtained the skills to spiral stems and conditional flowers. Grow your creativity and artistic vision through learning how to arrange flowers by colour and size to make the most striking and stunning bouquets.

Flourish Sussex have a breathtaking studio local to Brighton and Hove where they run a variety of floristry workshops. From courses for beginners to professionals, Flourish Sussex are passionate about encouraging students of all levels to get inspired by the colourful flowers nature has to offer!

Fresh Flower Crown Workshop

Image via www.webbandfarrer.co.uk

Location: Brighton

Want an excuse to get all your favourite people into one place? Maybe you have a birthday or hen-do fast approaching and want to celebrate by trying something new. Designing and making your own fresh flower crown is the best way to get your group's creativity to flourish! Webb and Farrer have set up an interactive fresh flower crown workshop where you will learn how to use wire and tape to secure your flowers together around a crown loop. This two and a half hour workshop provides all of the material you need including flowers and foliage, so all you need to bring is your vivacious imagination!

Alex at Webb and Farrer has seven years of experience working with flowers and loves creating charming and magnificent flower arrangements for special events. Webb and Farrer provide enriching florist workshops with a fun and relaxed atmosphere to help students discover their passion for flowers and bouquets.

East Meets West Floral Arrangement Class

Location: Hassocks

Have you ever wondered how floristry traditions vary from country to country? Learn from an international florist the different tricks of the trade used across the world.

In this workshop you will make and take home two bouquets. The first will be a traditional western British bouquet and the second will be a bouquet with inspiration from the East. Explore using new materials such as floral foam and a Japanese kenzan. Gain and improve holding techniques and the best arranging combinations. All tools and necessities will be available in this workshop, so you can learn using the best materials for the job!

Chirpee’s Floristry School is determined to help students make the most of their vases! With a range of floristry courses from bridal flowers to hand-tied designs, they are sure to have a workshop that sprouts your excitement for floristry.

Create Your Own Floristry Course

Location: Uckfield

Struggling to find a floristry course that covers all the skills you want to learn? The Sussex Flower School understands that when it comes to floristry workshops, it’s not one-size fits all! That’s why they offer students the chance to create their own floristry course. Customise this floristry course to prioritise what you want to get out of it. Whether you want to learn specific technical skills that many courses don’t offer, or if you want an informal group course that puts an emphasis on the fun methods of learning, cut and arrange a course that makes you excited to learn new floristry skills.

The Sussex Flower School is committed to teaching students skills that they are eager to learn and develop. If you’re looking for a workshop that is adaptable and flexible to your exact floristry desires then this is the workshop for you.

Flower Headdress Making Class

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

At your next festival, make sure you rock a flower crown made with your own two hands! This floral headdress making class will teach you how to make quirky, unique and quant flower crowns or floral headbands. Experiment with different flowers, colours and styles all the while receiving guidance from a reassuring teacher. Explore new methods like safely using a hot glue gun to attach your flowers to a headpiece. Light up your life! Spark your creativity and introduce fairy lights into your floral headdress.

Cult Milk runs a variety of fun, intriguing and enriching art and craft workshops ranging from macrame to embroidery. They are enthusiastic about making learning exciting and promote the benefits of gaining a new skill on students health and well-being.

Bottle Terrarium Workshop

Location: Brighton City Centre

Are you passionate about plants? Wish it was easier to keep them thriving and healthy? Between Two Thorns have created a workshop where you can learn how to keep your plants happy within its own ecosystem. At the end of this workshop you will be able to take home your own terrarium which will need very little attention to keep it alive! Discover new succulent plants and the best ways to care for them. Allow your deep rooted creativity to surface through deciding how to arrange your plants within your unique terrarium.

Between Two Thorns are passionate about making plant care for their students more manageable and enjoyable. They are sure to have a workshop for anyone who struggles to keep their plants prospering or anyone who wants to develop their knowledge of plant care, with artistic moss ball as well as succulent wreath making workshops.

Floristry for Beginners

Location: West Blatchington, Hove

Consistently build on your beginner floristry skills with a rewarding weekly workshop. Floranina hosts a weekly class for beginners who are early in their floristry adventure. These weekly workshops make up a ten week long beginners floristry course where you will learn all of the fundamental skills needed to develop impressive floristry skills. This workshop provides all of the flowers and materials needed for you to learn new and exciting floristry techniques.

Nina at Floranina delivers fulfilling and informative workshops to help students continue to build their floristry skills. Not only does Nina run beginner workshops, she also offers festive door hanging workshops and flower arranging classes for all abilities as well as private bookings.

Christmas Workshop

Location: Yapton

Want that festive feeling? This Christmas workshop is sure to leave you feeling merry and ready for Christmas. Choose which kind of arrangement you would like to make. Whether you want to create a bouquet using red, green and other bright Christmas colours or a chic snowy white arrangement to be the centrepiece of your Christmas dining table, learn how to assemble and look after your unique and beautiful Christmas bouquet. From warm traditional arrangements to vintage bouquets using moss and foliage, learn how to make Christmas flower arrangements to adorn and decorate your home.

Seed 2 Design delivers high quality classes to students who are keen to develop their floristry capabilities. If you have green fingers and want to gain more experience, skills and techniques then Seed 2 Design will help you fulfil your floristry goals. Although they aren't quite based in Brighton, their workshops are definitely worth going the extra mile!

Private Floristry Workshop

Image via www.flowershowpresents.co.uk

Location: Brighton and the surrounding areas

Need a light-hearted activity to bring your team together? Get to know your colleagues better by getting creative in a private floristry workshop. The beauty of private workshops with Flower Show Presents, is that they can organise bespoke classes and tailor workshops to fit any occasion. Choose which colours or theme you would like the workshops to be based around and let your expert floristry fanatic bring your vision to life. Grow your budding creative nature and floristry abilities with a workshop that can be whatever you want it to be!

Flower Show Presents have a stimulating workshop for any occasion. Use premium fresh flowers and quality materials in each class. If you live or work in the South of England, Flower Show Presents will bring their materials and vibrant workshops to you!

Christmas Wreath Making Workshop

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

Get into the Christmas spirit and bring the magic of Christmas into your home! Feel inspired with an online virtual wreath making workshop run by The Garden House. There are many benefits to learning at home. You can channel your Christmas creativity in the comfort of your own home and can proudly hang your wreath as soon as you’ve made it!

In this workshop, each step will be clearly explained and demonstrated. You will also be given a kit with all of the best materials needed to make your personalised wreath. Once you are armed with the knowledge from the demonstration and your supplies, you can make your wreath in your own time, whenever and wherever.

The Garden House believes in the rejuvenating powers of a beautiful garden and encourages students to appreciate flowers and the great outdoors. As well as their wonderful wreath making class they also offer a collection of other workshops which celebrate gardens and nature.

Need more advice?

If you feel at home in a flower filled oasis, nurture your love for plants and flowers with the best floristry workshops in Brighton. Create enchanted and charming flower arrangements with the guidance of a professional florist. From lavender to roses, treat yourself to a sensory experience and appreciate the scents as well as the visual beauty of each flower. The best floristry classes in Brighton will transform you into a flourishing florist from a wishful beginner.

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