Want to become a top chef? You don't have to be Gordon Ramsey to whip up your favourite delicious dishes! Whether you're a beginner or already have some cooking experience in the kitchen, it's time to spice up your cooking skills. Develop culinary skills making a range of cuisines from Thai to Italian, Japanese to Indian and many more!

All this cooking talk got your tummy rumbling? Fortunately for you, we have put together a list of the top 10 cooking classes in Brighton, so you can learn to rustle up whatever food you're craving.

The Top 10 Best Cooking Classes in Brighton are:

  • Essential Vegan Cooking Class
  • Sushi Making Class
  • Easy Dinner Party Workshop
  • Private Thai Cooking Class
  • Authentic Indian Cookery Class
  • Hen Party Cookery Class
  • Young Cooks Drop-In Cook Along Classes
  • Bespoke Therapy Cookery Class
  • Fermented Foods Workshop
  • Vegan West African Cookery Class with Lerato Umah-Shaylor

Essential Vegan Cooking Class

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

Whether you have recently introduced a vegan diet into your lifestyle or want some inspiration to change up your dishes, this three hour long workshop will enlighten you to new vegan friendly ingredients and meals. Master making your own Seiten and cooking with pulses as well as other essential vegan cooking techniques. Typically in this class you will learn anything from how to make root vegetable Goan curry to beetroot and red onion tarte tatin. With ingredients, materials and expert tuition, this class provides all of the equipment needed for you to cook up a vegan storm!

Brighton Cookery School prides themselves on their ability to provide enthusiastic students of all levels with the tools and techniques they need to make tasty dishes from around the world. Offering a wide range of classes from Mexican street food to pasta making, they are sure to have a class that is to your taste!

Sushi Making Class

Location: Southwick, Brighton

Wish you were on a roll with your sushi making skills? Not to worry, Tomo’s Kitchen has a sushi making masterclass to get your sushi making skills up to scratch!

Learn a wide range of intricate techniques to make the best sushi. Whether you want to develop your ability to roll sushi or make sushi rice, this three hour workshop will give you the knowledge to make sushi that looks as good as it tastes as well as the opportunity to taste the fruits of your labour. Leave this class with a greater understanding of how to make this remarkable Japanese dish at home to impress your guests.

Tomo’s Kitchen is passionate about changing the assumption that Japanese cooking is too difficult for beginners and instead encourages students to reach their full culinary potential. With an array of classes, you will not only explore Japanese dishes but also your culinary abilities.

Easy Dinner Party Workshop

Location: Isfield, East Sussex

Want to become the best dinner party host? Elizabeth Canton helps students make the most out of hosting, by teaching them valuable tips that take the stress out of it! One of the most rewarding ways to learn is by getting stuck in straight away. This workshop provides a hands-on learning experience, receive direction and guidance while you're cooking to make sure you're taking in the new techniques. Enjoy the meal you have made at the end of the class while in the company of other food loving students.

Workshops with Elizabeth Canton give you the opportunity to master every aspect of your culinary skills from food preparation to presentation. Not only are Elizabeth Canton's classes determined to improve your cooking skills, they also strive to help you have more meaningful and relaxed dinner party experiences.

Private Thai Cooking Class

Location: Brighton Marina

Recreate your favourite Thai dishes from Pad Thai to Massaman curry. Whether you want to learn how to make moreish noodles or creamy curries, this workshop will give you the know-how to make your much loved Thai meals. This one person private workshop means you can get direct and focused teaching from an encouraging expert. Choose two or three dishes you would like to make from the tutor’s menu and challenge yourself with creating tasty and authentic popular Thai dishes.

Chilli Chick’s Thai Cookery School believes tastes and aromas can take you on a journey, their workshops encourage and welcome students of all levels to take part and discover new skills, methods and dishes.

Authentic Indian Cookery Class

Location: Round Hill, Brighton

This immersive three to four hour long workshop will teach you how to not only make an authentic Indian curry, but also a wide range of desirable Indian side dishes. There is something for everyone as this class has a tender chicken or a vegetarian dish to choose from. Gain the skills and knowledge to make The Mamaji Chicken rice box along with irresistible sides such as a thoran dish, chapatis and basmati rice. If you would prefer the equally tasty and tempting vegetarian dish, learn how to master making a smoked aubergine main instead.

The Kari Club are experienced in making authentic Indian dishes and love to share the dynamic tastes and spices of Indian cuisine with eager students, whether they are beginners or familiar with Indian cooking. If you just can’t get enough of their dishes and expertise, they offer a monthly subscription so you never have to wait too long for your next curry fix!

Hen Party Cookery Class

Photo by Alyson McPhee / Unsplash

Location: Brighton

If you're a foodie looking for an alternative hen party idea, then this class is for you! The Hen Fairy hosts this class specifically for hen dos, where you'll get to spend some quality time with your party whilst learning how to improve your cooking skills.

Over 2 hours, you'll learn from a professional chef how to cook a full 3 course menu - from starter to desert. In a fully equipped kitchen, you and your group will be given all the ingredients you need to whip up some tasty dishes, with your chef on hand to help you out every step of the way. From lobster, to lam, chicken, curry or sushi, you're spoilt for choice when deciding what to cook (and that's not even including deserts!)

Young Cooks Drop-In Cook Along Classes

Location: Live Online Class

It’s never too early to discover a new hobby and passion! It is extremely valuable for children to learn basic cooking skills for a number of reasons.

Not only will they become aware of new ingredients and how food is made, they will also uncover new flavours and develop their taste palate. Giving children the opportunity to take on a small sense of responsibility when cooking can be extremely beneficial for their confidence, self-esteem and overall well-being. This fun and interactive workshop teaches children beneficial life skills through their growing cooking abilities. This weekly drop in class offers a different recipe each week, including scones, soups, tarts, humus and cakes.

Young Cooks Club are passionate about introducing children to life-long cooking skills, habits and methods. With drop-in workshops during the school holidays, their classes are structured with their young students best interests are heart.

Bespoke Therapy Cookery Class

Location: Various Community Kitchens in Brighton

Therapy Kitchen believes when developing your cooking skills, you are simultaneously developing your creativity. The act of cooking can also be used to practise mindfulness and reflection. Seeing your hard work come together to produce an appealing and delicious dish can provoke an immensely rewarding feeling. Each workshop is designed with the aim of building relationships, either with yourself, with food or with your loved ones. As these workshops are set up as a form of therapy, you are given creative freedom when deciding what to cook in this class.

Therapy Kitchen promotes the idea that nourishing your body also nourishes your mind and restores your energy on the whole. With a wealth of counselling and therapy experience, their workshops are perfect for if you’re wanting to tap into getting to know yourself better, exercise mindfulness or nurture and repair challenging relationships with loved ones.

Fermented Foods Workshop

Location: Shoreham-by-Sea

Some good things do last forever! Learn how to safely and effectively preserve food in this fermented foods workshop run by The Healthy Body Healthy Mind Project. This workshop is perfect for beginners with no existing knowledge or experienced fermentation fanatics who want to grow their understanding. Led by a specialist nutritionist, learn how to make different sauerkraut and kimchi which you can take home with you at the end of the class. Experiment with different tastes and textures and learn how to make a variety of kafir, kombucha, teas and yoghurts as well as the many benefits of fermentation on your health and digestive system.

The Healthy Mind Healthy Body Project is determined to help students learn new ways to make their diet and lifestyle healthier. They're committed to teaching students new techniques for a healthy diet alongside how these techniques will benefit their health and well-being.

Vegan West African Cookery Class with Lerato Umah-Shaylor

Image via www.bhfood.org.uk

Location: The Lanes, Brighton

Interested in tasting food from around the world? If you love trying new foods, this beginner workshop will teach you how to make authentic West African flavours and dishes. Specialist guidance from Lerato will make learning West African cuisine fun and easy! This four hour long class will cover a range of dishes including, coconut fried rice, plantain and coconut curry and spiced banana fritters with hibiscus sugar. Once you have completed this course, it’s then time to eat every bite of the delicious food you have made with your own two hands.

The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership is a non-profit organisation that is devoted to helping people learn to cook, eat healthily, grow their own food as well as reduce food waste. Their belief is that food and cooking is a powerful tool in bringing people together, that's why they have a broad spectrum of cooking classes to satisfy any craving for every student!

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Whether you want to experiment with unfamiliar foods or want to try new cuisines, Brighton cooking classes want to deliver the best workshop experience for students. From vibrant vegan and vegetarian cooking classes to perfecting your BBQ or fish filleting skills, there is sure to be a cooking course in Brighton that is to your taste! If you're hankering after new Chinese dishes or fresh French baking recipes, satisfy your appetite while building your culinary skills and become a seasoned professional in no time!

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