Looking for the best online teaching tools to get your school, class or workshop business up and running online? We have you covered in with our top 10 teaching tools for education this year. After reading this, you'll be ready to start teaching online like a pro. Ready to get stuck in?‌

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‌Now more than ever, technology plays a core role in education. There are many teaching tools out there to help teachers communicate and students learn. Here is what we believe to be the top 10 best teaching tools out at the moment.

‌The top 10 best tools for teaching are:‌

  1. Obby
  2. Zoom
  3. Visme
  4. Edmodo
  5. Twinkl
  6. Google Classroom
  7. Socrative
  8. Teachable
  9. TED-Ed
  10. Thinglink‌‌

1. Obby - An All In One Teaching Platform

Yes we're bias, but we believe we've created an incredible teaching tool and it just so happens hundreds of teachers agree! Obby provides all in one teaching software helping you to easily manage timetabling, students and classes.

This fully functioning booking system has a multitude of features designed to reduce admin time, run classes smoothly, take bookings smoothly and grow your business.

The Obby virtual classroom makes it easy for students to join their class.

‌With a free customisable widget, teachers can easily take bookings from within any website, social media page or marketing emails.

Alongside this, Obby also promote teachers classes on their marketplace, which attracts thousands of students every month and via digital targeted adverts. There is no limit to how many, in-person or online classes a teacher can add!

2. Zoom - Video Calls/Conferencing & Teaching Tools

Now Zoom is probably no stranger to you as many people used Zoom during lockdown to have face to face calls with loved ones and to attend virtual work meetings. What you may not have known is that Zoom can also be a great tool for teaching.

Online Graduation - Class of 2020
Zoom is an excellent tool for teaching online with plenty built in teaching tools

This was a popular option as Zoom is easy to use, it allows for multiple attendees and straight forward screen sharing.

Along with these, there are many other features allowing it to be an extremely useful teaching tool; Breakout rooms, one-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation, digital whiteboarding, session recording and transcription. On top of that Zoom can seamlessly integrate with a learning management system!

There are few cons to Zoom, and we do have a niggle about the audio quality on the mobile Zoom app for iOS!

3. Visme - For Presentations & Infographics

Visme is a design tool that is great for teaching as its preliminary design is for its users to be able to easily create presentations, infographics, concept maps, schedules, reports and more. You can create amazing looking content for your teachers with ease.

Easily Visualise data with Visme

What's most impressive about this teaching tool is the built-in analytics feature which measures your content's performance (usually you need to pay an analytics service for this).

Visme also has the ability to sync with MailChimp allowing you to collect email addresses from users who view your content.

It's not all bells and whistles though, the huge downside to this platform is that you are only able to create 3 projects free of charge before you need to upgrade and pay for a monthly subscription.

4. Edmodo - Create A Social Network For Your Students

This is a fantastic educational tool connecting teachers to their students online in similar way to a social network.

Edmodo teaching tools make it possible for teachers to create online collaborative groups, provide educational materials and measure individuals performance.

This, along with other functions has lead to huge popularity with users as Edmodo boasts 34 million users!

Teachers can share information and send messages by using Edmodo

Although loved by most users, there are a few issues with bugs and glitches. Students are also able to chat to each other during a session which can be distracting, especially for younger students.

5. Twinkl - For Lesson Plans, Work Schemes, Assessment, Interactive Activities & More.

Twinkle is the ultimate teaching tool for saving you valuable admin time! Experts from around the world create and upload lesson plans and teaching activities , making them available for you to download and use in your own classes. Aka. Huge time and headache saver!

Easily create lesson plans, work schemes and more with Twinkl

It does come with a monthly subscription fee, but you can try it for free, so it's a no brainer, go and check it out yourself to see if it can help you!

6. Google Classroom - For Free Teaching Tools

Google Classroom is an easy and free virtual classroom helping teachers manage and assess progress of their students, while strengthening connections with learners from school, at home, or out and about.

There a a number of pros to using this classroom; accessible from all devices, effective sharing, user friendly, a wonderful commenting system and more are the pros. There are also plenty of other useful tools & features for teachers.

Google Classroom is a great, completely free teaching tool 

There also happen to be a few frustrations amongst users; there is a lack of both automation for notifications and integrations (such as Google Calendar). The software is totally free of charge to use, so it's circinately worth trying out.

7. Socrative - For Gamifying Your Classes & Providing Instant Feedback

Socrative allows teachers to create games and exercises to be used during a live lesson. Students can solve these via their personal devices while the teacher views the activity and results.

Teachers can also provide instant feedback to students within the app, making this a truly novel approach to running a class, allowing for fast and efficient learning.

Provide a fully interactive class with instant feedback for students

Although a fun tool for students, it does take a lot of time to analyse an individual students data and maybe better for more learning intensive classes rather than hobby based workshops.

8. Teachable - For Selling Your Pre-Recorded Courses Online

Teachable is an all in one, online platform for pre-recorded course content and more. It's used by educators to easily create an online course or coaching business.

Users have access to customisation tools to curate and personalise content to create unique classes. The stress-free platform makes it easy—tech skills or no tech skills.

It provides an excellent way to monetise your teaching content long into the future. Record your course once and watch the class bookings roll in.

Sell a pre-recorded course online and watch revenue grow over time

The down side to Teachable it that they struggle with caching, downtime and provide a somewhat imperfect user experience.

9. TED-Ed - For Animated Course & Pre-Recorded Lessons

TED-Ed is a really creative platform and allows students to learn from pre-recorded videos. It's great if you already have a pre-recorded class or animated video lesson.

With over 18m visitors worldwide on a monthly basis, it's a great way of getting your name out there and gaining some exposure for your school, class or workshop business.

Reach over 18m monthly visitors with TedEd

Students can then choose what and when to watch at their leisure. If you teach live classes then this won't be one for you!

This is a teaching tool designed so educators can create and share interesting visual, interactive images. Create a 3d or 2d course board with clickable points so that students can learn in their own time and in a fun and interactive way.

Create an interactive 'class map' for your students

Both students and teachers can add audio, videos and photos to an image easily. It has both a website and an App, however an image can not be edited in iOS mode.

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