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Belly Dancing Classes in East London


Belly dancing is a form of expressive dance, also known as Arabic dance. Very much as it says on the tin, belly dancing included excessive movements of the torso. It's often celebrated alongside beautiful costumes and can take place as either performance dance or as a social dance at parties and events.

Belly dancing, in some of the more conservative parts of the world, can be considered disrespectful, but in East London, everything goes. One of the most diverse, celebrated and fantastic communities in the world, East London is home to some fantastic belly dancing classes.

Beginners Belly Dance

Katie Alyce is a premier London belly-dancer who has also worked internationally as a choreographer and instructor. Katie is now fulfilling her lifelong dream by sharing her love of this beautiful Arabic dance with students of all ability levels. This beginner's belly dancing class is suitable for those with no previous experience or who want to refresh their memory of belly-dance. Participants will learn full choreography, master stunning signature moves including shimmies, undulations, wrist curls, hip isolations and everything in-between. The course will also cover Arabic rhythms, musical structure, performance technique and how to grow in confidence. Katie's unique style of teaching will see her maximize each individual student's potential by setting and working towards achievable goals. Belly-dancing has been shown to help reduce stress levels, improve fitness, enhance weight loss and promote good posture and balance. With all these benefits, what are you waiting for?

Gypsy Dance Class

Gypsy dance survives on the belief that anyone regardless of shape or size, can dance. Romany dance is one of the oldest forms of dance, inspired by the freedom of the Romany community it was thought up by. This dance class, although not technically a belly dancing class, will encourage you to use your torso muscles to perform some pretty awesome moves. Belly dancing is a big part of gypsy dancing, and one of the styles often mimicked within Romany dance.

Advanced Professional Bellydance

Already a pro at using your belly to dance? This inspiring weekly advanced professional belly-dance class is guaranteed to keep you dancing at your absolute best. Featuring complex drills, strength and flexibility work the class is run on a drop-in basis but is suitable for experienced dancers only. Regular participants will attest to the fantastic effect the class will have on both your body and your dance skills! Our belly-dancing classes will also improve your self-esteem, lift your spirits on down days and allow you to meet like-minded women in a fun and friendly setting. This class is taught by Hipsinc founder Charlotte Deshorger, one of the UK's leading belly-dance teachers. Hipsinc believes that belly-dancing is for everyone; teenagers, young and mature women.

Still curious about moving belly first but haven't quite found a favourite? We have belly-dancing classes taught by incredible professionals all over London. Check for other belly dancing classes that might just be a little further out of your neighborhood. The tube isn't that bad, we promise!