Wisam Private Tutor languages classes in London
Wisam Private Tutor languages classes in London


Wisam Private Tutor

Wisam is a professional teacher of Arabic, French, and English who specialises in teaching languages to students from a wide range of different educational backgrounds, including ambassadors, diplomats, businessmen, journalists, students, lawyers, and even primary school students.

A native Arabic speaker, Wisam can teach Classic Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic, and three dialects – Gulf, Egyptian, and Levant. He also has a basic knowledge of German, Turkish, Swedish, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

Services include Classical Arabic, GCSE French, ESOL English, Modern Standard Arabic from beginners to PHD, 21 different Arabic dialects, Arabic for Business, Arabic and French for Horology and Fashion, English Grammar, and TEFL for English Teachers.

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