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Darning - Visible Mending Kit

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In this kit you have all the tools you need to learn the basics of Darning - a traditional mending technique used on knitwear to repair your much loved pieces!
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About this product

Darning mending...

Darning is a sewing technique, traditionally for repairing holes or worn areas in woven or knitted clothing, using needle and thread alone - repaired by hand.

In this kit you have all the tools you need to learn the basics of the traditional mending technique Darning- to repair and revive your damaged knitwear pieces.

Techniques you will learn:

-Swiss Darning -Duplicate Darning -Creating a shape in Darning -Check Pattern Darning


Please note fabrics, thread and yarn are subject to change due to availability and deadstock fabric sourced

We will do our best to match the materials in the…

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What is Included
  • x1 Darning Needle
  • x3 Mercerised cotton yarns
What you will need
  • A pair of scissors
Learning materials
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