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Broadening your musical talents is always a respectable decision and learning to play the flute is certainly a sublime choice. Tutors are available to walk you through the basics and take you to the next level.

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1. Learn the flute with Principal Flautist of the English National Opera Orchestra
Whether you're a complete beginner or already an advanced flute player, each flute lesson will be completely tailored to you as an individual. I believe that people make the most progress when they are relaxed and having fun, so the lessons will be at a pace that suits you and we will learn to play in a way that you enjoy! You are welcome to come for a one-off lesson if you're looking for motivation and new inspiration on your flute, or to have regular lessons if you want to work towards your goals in a more consistent way. Either way, at the start of the lesson I'll get to know what you want to get out of it, and we'll find a creative way to achieve that! A lesson for a complete beginner might include: Warm-up exercises (playing the flute is a physical activity so be prepared to get on your feet!) How to put together the flute and hold it Getting your first sound (this is the most exciting bit!) Learning a few notes Musical games to recap the fundamentals that you've learned How to clean and look after the instrument A lesson for an advanced student might include: In-depth work on one element of your playing, for example tone quality, breathing, vibrato, articulation Exercises to improve your breathing control and capacity Learning a piece of complex repertoire: how to play stylistically in different idioms; improving technical skills required for virtuosic playing Techniques to make your practise more efficient Sharing musical ideas about pieces and trying out different ways of playing
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