Drawing Development Course

A short course in skill building, basic drawing principles, and confident drawing. Demonstrations and exercises to enhance learning and drawing development.

Drawing Class

Five session class


Camden NW1

Drawing Development Course
by Holl Studios

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Five session class


A ‘refresher’ or ‘get you started’ course in five parts “To draw we need to learn how to ‘see’, to do this we need to understand the five perceptual skills of drawing” Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

A drawing course to increase your confidence, be prepared to make lots of mistakes, and do lots of practice.

Edges, Spaces, Relationships, Lights & Darks, The Whole

Week 1: Learning how to look, as an artist does - discovering Line and Edges

How to draw using the right side of the brain, introducing techniques and exercises, to help you see what you are looking at. Investigating the shape and quality of line, and the marks you can make.

Week 2: Positive Shape / Negative Space / Shared boundaries

Finding different ways to look. Drawing what you see and not what you think you see. Discover how preconceived ideas affect your ability to draw.

Drawing negative space, and positive form, using shared boundaries, creating observational drawings.

Week 3: Perspective / Measuring / Proportion / Relationships

Understanding how line describes perspective, and how to keep it in proportion, with the use of guides, angles, and a basic unit. Using the viewfinder and pencil, for sighting and framing, and, applying the basic unit for accurate proportion. Gaining confidence in drawing perspective and foreshortening, and using proportion in different types of drawing from landscape to figurative.

Week 4 : Light and Shadows

Learning to see and distinguish different light and shadow values. Creating a charcoal ground and drawing with a putty rubber, drawing with chalk on black paper. Understanding light source direction, tonal range, and shading.

Week 5: The Gestalt or the Whole - Bringing it together In the final session we use all the learnt perceptual skills of drawing, and bring them together to create the fifth, enabling you to apply your new looking skills and drawing practice to confidently draw your self portrait, in your choice of medium.

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Holl Studios is a group of social minded professionals who work really close with artists and local community promoting and encouraging art and creativity to all levels. We are offering affordable classes and workshops in addition to a variety of services designed to inspire and promote art for all ages and levels.

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Drawing Development Course
by Holl Studios
Five session class