Pilates- a system of strengthening and stretching exercises, has been around for almost a century and is all the rage these days. Especially when the reformer machines are brought in.

The founder, Joseph Pilates put together a series of exercises around mat pilates and reformer machines that focus on strengthening your muscles and improving flexibility. The best part: anyone, regardless of fitness level or injuries (if any), can join.

We rounded up 10 of the most popular pilates classes in London right now, so you can get started on your 'pilate body'.

The Top 10 Best Pilates Classes in London are:

1. Studio Pilates by Pilates in Motion

2. Mat/Machine Pilates by SixPhysio

3. Dynamic Bodyweight Pilates

4. Reformer Pilates with Frame

5. East London Pilates: Pilates Beginners

6. One to one Pilates sessions

7. Studio sessions with Body Control Pilates

8. Private Pilates sessions

9. Pilates at Alan Herdman Studios

10. Pilates in North London

1.Studio Pilates by Pilates in Motion

Pilates in Motion offers 55 minutes classes that are tailored to individual members' needs. The instructors hold one to one induction classes prior to the group sessions so that you can practice your customised system of movements, and foster personal growth and development.

One can choose from a single session or a series of 5,10, and 20 session packages at reasonable prices. Begin your journey of improving lifestyle by signing up on triyoga and book a class today!

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2. Mat/Machine Pilates by SixPhysio

SixPhysio's mat/machine based pilates classes is an opportunity not to be missed. Under your instructor's undivided supervision, you will develop strength, stability, and endurance by engaging in a customised program, tailored to your physical needs.

Besides their 30-60 minutes, 1:1 sessions, they also offer virtual sessions so you can practice at your leisure! Take advantage of this opportunity and improve your life with PhysioSix.

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3. Dynamic Bodyweight Pilates

Ten Health&Fitness is offering a brilliant pilates course where the only equipment is your bodyweight and few carefully chosen props! Their sessions will teach your body and mind to work in unison and develop postural alignment, strength, endurance, and muscular balance!

Sessions are offered as in person studio classes, and online livestream with difficulty levels ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced. Challenge yourself and push to the next level with Ten's dynamic class!

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4. Reformer Pilates with Frame

Frame's reformer pilates sessions are a treat for your body and mind! Expect to engage in a challenging full body workout which will focus on strength, coordination, and balance, while also improving memory and cognitive functions. Their sessions are available both in-person and online at budget friendly prices.

Do yourself a favour and book a class through the link provided!

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5. East London Pilates: Pilates Beginners

This beginner session is designed to introduce you to the fundamental concepts and principles of the pilates Method. You will be learning and practicing core strength awareness, muscular flexibility, joint mobility and postural alignment to get your body in the best shape.

The sessions are primarily taught online, however in person sessions are starting again at limited capacity. All sessions are reasonably priced, give them a shot!

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6. One to one Pilates sessions

London Pilates Studio's one to one sessions will provide you with the ultimate, tailor made workout. Based on your needs, the workout can utilise equipment like reformer, Cadillac, stability chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector, arc barrel, jump board, cardio tramp, rotational disc board, mat amongst others.

The workouts aim to develop core strength, improve cardiovascular strength, balance, speed and agility to get your body to operate at the optimum level. Sessions can be booked by getting in contact with Vanessa Pearce at the provided link!

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7. Studio sessions with Body Control Pilates

Studio sessions at Body Control Pilates will provide you with an ideal opportunity to develop your own routine under the guidance of your instructors. With the instructors and the full amenities of the studio at your disposal, your workouts will be demanding and challenging, ensuring growth and progression of your body and mind. You can choose to sign up for a single session as a trial or even a package of 5 classes if you want to continue, all at an affordable price!

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8. Private Pilates sessions

Peacock Pilates offers fun and extremely effective mat pilates sessions over zoom which you can utilise at your own time and comfort.

There is also an option for private in person and studio sessions which are available by appointment only. These sessions will help you focus on your posture, core strength, balance and coordination while building mental focus and concentration.

You can choose to take a single session or sign up for package deals which offer 5 or 10 sessions in case you wish to get serious. Make haste and sign up for amazing deals.

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9. Pilates at Alan Herdman Studios

Alan Herdman, an international pilates instructor with years of experience under his belt, is offering courses on pilates at his studios located in central London and Canary Wharf.

His team of instructors can engage with you in a 4:1 group session or 1:1 individual session where you will learn to correct your posture and engage muscles necessary for joint stability while building strength and endurance.

The sessions can be booked by contacting the studio nearest to your location using the information provided in the link. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to train with some of the best pilates instructors chosen by Alan Herdman!

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10. Pilates in North London

Valerie Burns, a heavily experienced veteran of the fitness industry is offering highly effective pilates training sessions at extremely affordable prices. Her group sessions are suitable for people of all ages and experiences, with all the necessary equipment supplied. Furthermore, one can simply walk in on any of her sessions with no need for prior booking.

If you choose to join Valerie, you will also get access to advice and tips on fitness, diet and nutrition to ensure that your body remains in prime condition. If you’ve been looking to join a pilates course but are confused by the various packages, prices and options, then Valerie’s simple approach might be your best choice.

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