Sewing dates back around 25,000 years ago, when our ancestors stitched animal hides to keep warm during an unrelenting ice age. The ancient craft has had a long and eventful journey since then, with the first practical sewing machine appearing in 1830. Our hope is that this guide will give you an understanding of this ancient and essential practice, and perhaps your grandmother's old sewing machine will end up becoming an extension of yourself!

The Top 10 Best Sewing Classes in Manchester are:

  1. Upholstery Sewing Techniques Day at Ministry of Upholstery
  2. Learn To Sew Course – 3 Weeks at Stitched Up Community Benefit Society Ltd
  3. Bring Your Own Upholstery Project Course at Reloved Upholstery
  4. Sewing Bee - Thursday Evening at Rubies Rags Fabric Shop
  5. Learn to Sew 4wk Beginners Course at Freckles & Co.
  6. Level 5 Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring at The Tailoring Academy
  7. Sew Creative Fashion Week at Sew Creative
  8. Adults Sewing Classes at Sew n Reap
  9. Learn 2 Sew at Sewing Space
  10. Introduction to the Sewing Machine in 3 hours with Junk Shop

Adults Sewing Classes at Sew n Reap

  1. Learn 2 Sew at Sewing Space
  2. Introduction to the Sewing Machine in 3 hours with Junk Shop

1. Upholstery Sewing Techniques Day at Ministry of Upholstery

Location: Central Manchester

Founded in 2010, Ministry of Upholstery has since become the UK's leading modern upholstery school. Their world-class facilities contain everything a budding upholsterer could need – cutting edge sewing machines, fully equipped frame-making workshops, a team of instructors with bundles of experience, and more!    

The Upholstery Sewing Techniques Day is the perfect course for those who'd like to learn to create their own unique cushion cover. Under the guidance of their full-time tutor who has over 40 years' sewing experience, these courses are aimed at mastering  a specific skill  – you can either make a Scatter Cushion & Bolster, a Box Cushion, or the more advanced T Cushion. Aside from your chosen fabric, all tools and materials are included, and if you have a specific project in mind their team will be happy to accommodate you. Being such a prestigious and well-loved upholstery school, Ministry of Upholstery was an easy pick for the top spot in our best sewing classes in Manchester.

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Learn to Sew Course at Stitched Up

2. Learn To Sew Course – 3 Weeks at Stitched Up Community Benefit Society Ltd

Location: Chorlton-cum-Hardy ( Manchester)

Stitched Up has an eco-conscious, ethical and community-based approach to clothing . Their manifesto is to support fair wages for all garment workers, inspire a creative and sustainable approach to clothing, and also to encourage and implement recycling, upcycling, as well as the reuse and reduction of waste.

Their 3 week sewing course will give you a solid foundation from which you can build upon and take any direction you wish! The skills you will learn include threading a sewing machine, basic manoeuvres, how to hem, reverse, forward, turn corners, finish off your work, stitch settings and tension control, as well as learning how to sew patterns, buttonholes, and zips.

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3. Bring Your Own Upholstery Project Course at Reloved Upholstery

Location: Bredbury (Stockport)

The founder of Reloved Upholstery, Simion Hawtin-Smith has a passion for vintage chairs. This love of reupholstering, creating and designing chairs led him to become a master upholsterer and establish the home of his acclaimed studio, Reloved Upholstery.

The Bring your own upholstery project is an exciting and unique course where you can decide upon what item of furniture you wish to upholster. Simon will provide you with the tools and advice you need to create your own wonderful creations. The classes are limited to a maximum of 4 people so you will have plenty of time and assistance in order to go at your own pace no matter what your ability. The sheer uniqueness and bespoke nature of Simon's class made it an easy pick for our top sewing classes in Manchester.

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Sewing Bee at Rubies Rags

4. Sewing Bee - Thursday Evening at Rubies Rags Fabric Shop

Location: New Mills (Derbyshire)

Linda is the sewing aficionado behind Rubies Rags, a fabric shop committed to teaching others how to sew. Rubies Rags cater for everybody of all sewing levels, having taught students from the age of 8 to as old as 92!

There Sewing Bee is a 6 week course taking place every Thursday evening. You're welcome to bring along your own projects and will receive plenty of guidance from the lovely Linda. This is a relaxed, fun and inclusive course you don't want to miss!

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5. Learn to Sew 4wk Beginners Course at Freckles & Co.

Location: Bury (Greater Manchester)

The founder of Freckles & Co., Linzi is a sewing teacher, pattern designer and blogger. Linzi loves all crafts, but sewing is her chief passion – especially finding solutions to the tricky problems encountered when designing and constructing patterns. After the recent resurgence in sewing thanks to the The Great British Sewing Bee, her business has thrived and led to her teaching hundreds of beginners how to sew.

If you're totally new to sewing, have no fear! The Learn to Sew 4wk Beginner Course will give you the confidence and skills to become proficient on a sewing machine. Split into 4 weeks, you will begin by mastering the machine, then move on to advanced stitches, followed by patterns, pinning and cutting techniques, and finish off with a simple sewing make project. All tools and materials are included and each session lasts 2 hours.

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6. Level 5 Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring at The Tailoring Academy

Location: Macclesfield (Cheshire)

An easy pick for the best sewing classes in Manchester, The Tailoring Academy is truly at the forefront of UK craftsmanship, having recently received the Textile Society's Professional Development award for offering the highest level of bespoke training to Northern England. The first school to offer a Level 5 Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring, you can be sure that the quality of the teaching is of a premium standard.

The Diploma is for students who want to take their skills a lot further, and consists of one mandatory unit with a choice of specialised pathways in either tailoring and/or cutting. Within an environment conducive to the facilitation of your creativity, as well as development and growth, you will be taught a mixture of knowledge and proficiency in technical skills that will enable you to make fantastic garments.

If you are looking for a more casual commitment, the Tailoring Academy also offer Online Tailoring Classes, as well as online classes for Pattern Cutting – so there really is something for everyone!

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7. Sew Creative Fashion Week at Sew Creative

Location: Altrincham (Greater Manchester)

Kate set up Sew Creative in 2016 and what's surprising is that she hasn't always been a fan of sewing!  However, after studying Fashion Design in Manchester, then working in the fashion industry in New York and London, her passion was in full swing. What started as a gig to earn a little extra cash would eventually turn into a shiny new premises run by a team of experienced staff – the wonderful Sew Creative!  

For this Top 10, we've picked out their Adult 'Free Sew' Workshop, which (thanks to it's small capacity) allows you to make absolutely anything that your heart desires! As the class price includes the cost of all the materials and tools you'll need, you don't need to worry about sourcing your own fabric and patterns if you don't want to. With the ability to choose your creation whilst being guided in a personal and welcoming enviroment, it's no wonder Sew Creative's class made it into our Top 10 list!

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8. Adults Sewing Classes at Sew n Reap

Location: Bredbury (Stockport)

The founder of Sew and Reap, Emmy, is a fashion designer with over 20 years experience and claims that you can learn to sew in as little as 6 weeks!  Friendly and relaxed, she is happy to teach people of all abilities, and while we have chosen  to focus on her Adult classes - she does also offer classes specifically for Children! These take place over 6 weeks, and offer kids the chance to learn hand-stitching, how to use sewing machines and different types of stitches along with many other skills to help them unlock their creativity!

Her Adult Sewing Class will enable you to learn the basics of sewing – health and safety, threading the machine, understanding basic patterns – then start on an easy project of your choice. Whether you go for an apron, cushion, bag or need to repair an item, Emmy will guide you every step of the way to ensure you complete a garment of a high-standard. Picking number 8 in our top sewing classes in Manchester will ensure you reap your well-deserved rewards!

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9. Learn 2 Sew at Sewing Space

Location: Central Manchester

Sewing Space offers a chilled-out, homely and social  environment which total beginners can enjoy learning how to sew. The organiser of Sewing Space, Amanda, has been teaching people for 20 years and has qualifications in teaching and fashion and textiles. Her aim is to create an attractive space where people can get to grips with sewing, and want to return to – it's clear she's succeeded!

For an incredibly affordable price, the Learn to Sew Sessions will introduce you to a range of common skills and equipment enabling you to progress towards independent sewing. Projects can vary depending on your preference, from craft items such as cushions and bags through to basic dressmaking. The Sewing Space is fully equipped but you're welcome to bring your own sewing machine and materials if desired.

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An example of the kind of beautiful dress you can make at My Sewing Box

10. Introduction to the Sewing Machine in 3 hours with Junk Shop

Location: Manchester City Centre

If you're brand new to sewing, this class with Junk Shop is a great place to get started and build your confidence using a sewing machine. You'll be taught how to use the different functions of a domestic Elna sewing machine, whilst getting hands on to create your own sewing bag.

Junk Shop came on to the Manchester fashion scene in 2005 to fill a sizeable gap in the market. Since then, they've developed three unique fashion labels in-house, and guarantee a constantly changing and evolving wardrobe on the cutting edges of fashion. In 2006 the School of Junk was born, and since then have taught thousands of students to sew in over 50 venues across Manchester.

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Sewing is one of those things that seems a lot harder than it actually is. Of course, mastering any skill takes time, but learning the basics and accruing the skills necessary to create your own garments is actually something anyone can do. As we said before, humans have been sewing since stalking woolly mammoths in the snow, so, rather than being a fringe activity, sewing is actually an integral aspect of our evolution. Admittedly, today, we don't need to know how to sew to survive, but the Top 10 Best Sewing Classes in Manchester is sure to help you get in touch with your roots, explore your creative side, and stitch up something unique and beautiful.

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