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Flower Arranging Courses | London


Flower arranging courses are a brilliant way to introduce yourself to the life of a florist. These courses are so relaxing, as you find yourself twiddling around with beautiful flowers, surrounded by their scent, their leaves and producing gorgeous displays with them. Floristry in London has become a huge thing, with subscription services like Bloom & Wild and Freddie's Flowers putting flowers back on the map for some of us. Those of us that are a little more hands-on though, or a bit more money savvy, might prefer the idea of growing their own, foraging through markets or parks and still creating to die for displays in their houses. For those, flower arranging courses are a brilliant bit of groundwork to introduce you to the world of floristry in London, the seasonal trends that it follows and the plants that you want to be working with as well as the ones you might want to avoid.

Flower Arranging Classes with Lucy C Burton

This flower arranging class is held every Tuesday at the beautiful location of Pearl, in Hackney. This East London gem is a gorgeous coffee spot, food place and hang-out for creatives in the area Hackney Wick. Famous for its creativity, the backdrop is perfect for this flower arranging course. Lucy has worked with some of the most renowned florists across the city, including Rebel Rebel. P.s You also get a complimentary drink. Cheers to that!

Pickle Jar Flower Arranging Course at Grace & Thorn

In this class you learn how to arrange your flowers into a pickle jar. Grace & Thorn is a renowned florist in London, with some gorgeous shops in East London, including one on Brick Lane. This workshop though, takes place in their Hackney studio, surrounded by their green jungle that they have turned their shop into. It's a perfect place to learn about the current trends in floristry, from some of the people that are fronting up that side of things already.

Seasonal Flower arranging course with Your London Florist

In this flower arranging course led by your London Florist, you'll gain experience in the seasonal trends that affect floristry trends. Cut flowers are perishables, so cannot really be imported, it's much better to work with things that grow naturally in your area, meaning flowers are seasonal, and their influence of the trends in floristry are always changing. Your London Florist are a London-based start-up with tutors from all over the world.


This flower arranging workshop is an amazing experience. Starting early in the morning (as this is when flower market operate so they are at optimal freshness) you are first guided around New Covent Garden Flower Market. The experience can be really eye-opening as flower markets are loud, bustling with burly traders and savvy shopper bargaining deals. After you've navigated the markets and chosen your flowers, you'll learn how to arrange them, including all sorts of tips and tricks. This workshop is intended so that after you've completed it, you will be able to do it all again, but by yourself. Perfect if you are serious about making flower arranging a hobby or have been curious (but too shy to go) about flower markets for some time.