Rod and student during a ring making workshop

Company profile: Roderick Vere

Roderic Vere (AKA Rod) is a Jewellery artist who runs jewellery making workshops in London and his home town, Frome.

What Rod loves about jewellery making is that you can start with a small idea and with patience to collaborate, develop and test it, you can turn that idea into a stunning reality.

Rod started teaching monthly workshops to pass on the skills he has learned during his many years as a jewellery maker. Seeing students having fun creating and wearing their pieces is his favourite part of teaching.

The challenge

Rod moved out of London and away from his workshop a couple of years ago. This created a huge challenge for the Rod Vere Workshops as it became difficult to mange his bookings.

As Rod is busy creating his own jewellery, it was frustrating for him to spend numerous hours to manually take bookings for his workshops via email and telephone, let alone deal with all the admin involved such as handling cancellations, reschedules, sending out email reminders... the list goes on!


Obby's teaching tools stepped in and they were to solve this problem. Limiting admin to simply adding dates for his workshop, he now takes bookings the Roderick Vere workshops from his website using the Obby widget and all emails are automated.

Students are able to cancel or reschedule their own bookings but the Obby team are also always at hand to help to free Rod of any admin burdens!

From his Obby dashboard he can now see a list of students due to attend each session and send a group email in one go to those on a particularly session if needed rather than finding the email address's and emailing each student separately.

A student using tools to make a ring during a workshop


Since being on Obby, Rod has been able to reduce his admin time by 80% and 95% of his workshops are at fully capacity, booked 6 weeks in advance!

Number of class bookings: 415

Number of students: 367

Obby school rating: 10/10

Book a class with Roderic Vere here.

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