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The 3 photography schools you need to know in London

It’s a perfect moment – a sunny London and the kids are running across South Bank and smiling while your husband fake-chases them. Behind all of this is the big ben and a beautiful, unforgettable sky. And in your mind, only one thought “I really wish I had taken that photography course (and that I could take the perfect picture of this perfect moment”.Unfortunately, you didn’t. Or you did, but the class wasn’t the best one. Or you didn’t because this moment has still not happened to you. But it will soon. And we think you should be prepared with the 3 best photography and film schools in London!

  1. Exposureworks - György László trained in 35mm and 16mm filmmaking at Famu in Prague before going on to learn from some of the best teachers all over the world. He loves explaining his craft almost as much as he loves igniting the passion in others for photography. Over the past three years he has taught over 500 courses and close to 2500 people, gaining a vast wealth of experience.All of ExposureWorks’ classes are available anywhere in London as György will travel to you for the session. The sessions are specifically designed for 1-to-1 tuition allowing students to learn in a safe environment and tailor the class to whatever is most needed. You yearn for that creative exposure control or an understanding of the true extent of your lenses capabilities? If you’re just starting out or simply want to improve your family or holiday snapshots to savour those special moments, ExposureWorks courses are for you!

  2. Photoion Photography School - Photoion’s team of tutors run a huge variety of photography courses and workshops to meet different abilities and teach interesting styles of photography. If you’re a complete newbie, you can get to grips with all your camera’s manual settings with just a 2 day course. Dream of being a fashion, food or street photographer? Take a one day workshop with them and you’ll have a set of skills that will make you stand out from the rest! Classes run during the day, evenings and weekends- perfect for your busy London lifestyle. One thing that makes Photoion special is their unlimited after course support and mentorship programme. This means you can keep sending images back to your tutor for feedback and constructive criticism, long after your course is over!

  3. Photography Course London - Photography Course London is a Photography and Film school based in Shoreditch, London. With them, you can learn anything from Beginner DSLR Photography to Film and Post-Production Courses. You can engage in classes in the evening, daytime and on Saturday, in the classroom or fully practical, on location or in the studio… So basically, there is not excuse for them not to fit your calendar!PCL approach revolves around focusing on small sized classes at affordable prices, with experienced and skilled teachers as well as practitioners in the professional photographic industry. By doing this they provide great learning experiences that everyone can enjoy.

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