Udi Guitar music classes in London
Udi Guitar music classes in London


Udi Guitar

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1 reviews

Udi has been teaching since 2002 with a vast experience in schools, private and group guitar lessons, and offers guitar lessons in north London in central London.

For the last few years he's been a registered guitar teacher as a member of [email protected] – Registry of Guitar Tutors at London College of Music. Udi teaches all styles, all guitars and all levels. His current students range from complete beginners to advanced players who work towards their diplomas or gigs and concerts. Udi also had great fun teaching some well known celebrities in London and was featured as the guitar teacher of the week on MGR Music.

Udi picked up a guitar in 1991. So yeah, he's been playing for quite a some time… Back then he had some amazing guitar teachers who taught and inspired me so much. One of them, Gilad Benamram, is now a famous film composer in Hollywood. So he's very passionate about inspiring others to learn guitar and to create music.

Once Udi reached a decent level he started to collaborate and play with other musicians, bands and ensembles. So he gained experience on stage as a performing guitarist and in the studio as a session player and recording artist.

Despite getting to a pro level, Udi kept on studying and exploring different aspects of guitar styles and techniques, and music in general. He still does so until this very day as learning is an ongoing part of his life. Within this never-ending journey, he studied for a degree in B.A. in Musicology & Philosophy, a Diploma in Sound Control, and a Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games (For which he's proud to say he was granted a scholarship in the name of Jeff Beck, the well known guitarist). These days Udi is studying towards a fascinating masters degree of Music Psychology in Education, Performance and Wellbeing in the University of Sheffield.

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