TT Liquor drinks-and-tastings classes in London
TT Liquor drinks-and-tastings classes in London


TT Liquor

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1 reviews

TT Liquor (previously known as Mixology Events Ltd) started in early 2008 with a plain and simple vision of bringing cocktails into everyone’s hands. Enjoy cocktails at a public demonstration or in the comfort of your own home, as TT Liquor continue to provide experiences both educationally enriching and devilishly tasty, in equal measure.

TT Liquor Masterclasses have been delivered all around London, from the famous Kensington Roof gardens, to private boat cruises along the Thames. TT has also increased the number of its own lounges across the country. These lounges boast enough cocktail bars to allow even the largest groups to be entertained, remarkably receiving the same hands on experience as their more intimate classes.

In all classes, the whole group make cocktails at the same time, so that means less demos and more 'hands on' cocktail making!

TT Liquor staff win mixology competitions and are selected as brand ambassadors for industry’s leading brands.

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