TigerZsu Art art classes in London
TigerZsu Art art classes in London


TigerZsu Art

Zsuzsi Foroszan is a graduate fine artist, painter, art and visual communication teacher.

Zsuzsi has been working in Tate Modern gallery for 6 years, running an art business (private art tutoring, teaching, supporting, coaching artists, painting) for several years. She had numerous art exhibitions across London and Hungary.

Zsuzsi always wanted to be an artist since her childhood, that's why she did a degree in fine art and teaching. Being a personal development leader and coach also, she empowers her students and encourages them to bring the best version out of themselves and never give up on their dreams no matter what they are.

Zsuzsi is into different art and craft techniques, she use to do ceramic and enamel art for 10 years.

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