The Blissful Art

    About this school

    This is a mindful corner created by Amelia for people who are looking to live mindfully and enjoy life, learning to live in the present moment, breathing, creating, inviting colours and beauty to surround them.

    Amelia is a colour therapist, mindfulness meditation guide, a wellness coach and a self-taught artist. She loves to create following her intuition.

    This creative and healing corner was born from her deep desire to share the benefits of living a creative and mindful life.

    Amelia runs mindfulness, meditation, and crafts workshops in London with the main purpose to facilitate well-being, healing, and self-reflection. With a passion for stress management and personal growth, she aims to guide people to tap into the power of their own mind, find the balance within and enjoy life.

    For a long period of time, Amelia was an artist by night and a finance professional by day. She discovered the healing power of the creative process as a tool to stay present in the moment and enjoy life.

    Learning the benefits that mindfulness and creativity brought into her own life, she aims to facilitate this transformation into other people lives too. Amelia loves to work with small groups and also to offer private sessions.

    You'll find her guiding meditation and mindfulness classes, crafts workshops and self-reflective drawing sessions for groups and companies.