Terry Vaughan undefined classes in London
Terry Vaughan undefined classes in London


Terry Vaughan

Terry is a woodturner who lives and works in North London. He has been turning wood for over 40 years, and has a workshop studio filled with the scent of timber, part-finished bowls and the tools needed for his work.

Terry made his first wooden bowl at school. It was a long time ago, but he still has that bowl. Years later, he built his first woodturning lathe out of scrap steel, and with it made his second bowl from a bit of elm. He still has that bowl too. He keeps nails in it, and every time he sees it, it reminds him just how bad a wooden bowl can be! Later, with a better lathe and more experience, he began to make better bowls, which he now sells online. Making for sale develops technical skills, and also improve the turner’s ‘eye’.

Terry is passionate about woodturning and, though new to Obby, he has taught the craft for a number of years. His classes are very popular and he is proud of their consistently great reviews.

You can see his work and check those reviews at https://turnedwoodenbowls.co.uk

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