Tanguito dance classes in London
Tanguito dance classes in London



3 reviews
3 reviews

Nathalie and Bruno, husband and wife run Tanguito, Argentine tango Acadamy, offering weekly dance classes and private tuition. They teach tango steps, tango music, culture and etiquette, to help their students become well-rounded dancers.

From beginner to intermediate classes, they help their students fall in love with tango by building a repertoire of steps, strengthening technique and developing their musicality. Between classes, their students have access to class notes and videos to practice at home. Both Nati and Bruno began their tango training in Japan before learning more in Europe and Buenos Aires from some of the greatest teachers.

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10 Jun
My partner and I decided that this would be a fun thing to try. Having no clue what tango was and zero experience with dancing together, I thought this was terrific. It starts off slow and the teachers are fantastic. No toes were trodden on and I definitely would love to do this again.
7 Feb
A fun beginners class in a relaxed environment with very friendly teachers!
10 Jan
Good fun class for a complete tango beginner, with friendly teachers!

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