Ragged Life crafts classes in London
Ragged Life crafts classes in London


Ragged Life

Meet Elspeth, avid crafter and professional rag rugger! She founded “Ragged Life” in 2014 after noticing that more and more people were interested in learning the sustainable and simple craft of rag rugging. Elspeth is a published craft author, has appeared on national TV and is a regular in craft magazines at home and abroad.

She loves spreading rag rug cheer by running workshops across the country, as well as selling rag rug starter kits and making handmade commissions. So… you know she's a rag rugger and that’s great… but it’s only useful if you actually know what rag rugging is so here's a potted history...

Rag rugging is an old British craft where people use hessian sacking and old clothing and fabric to make cosy rugs for the floor. It was extremely popular in Victorian times when the average family couldn't afford to buy rugs so they made them themselves. Nowadays, the rag rug techniques can be used to make a number of different homeware projects (cushions, wreaths, bunting, wall hangings etc...) and once you get rag rugging, it’s hard not to get hooked (pardon the pun). Keep an eye out for Elspeth's rag rug workshops across London and beyond.

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