About this school

    Papershades was set up by artist Rosalind Freeborn who specialises in paper collage. She wanted to find a way to make her art available beyond a work on canvas.

    Ros found a way to 'reinvent the wheel' - to create two sizes of wheels which can grip panels of paper and make a lampshade which fits comfortably and safely on the average lamp stand or room light. She launched Papershades with a range of floral designed based on her own paper collage work. She's developing new ranges all the time, including festive Papershades for Christmas.

    Ros has developed a way for everyone to create their own, stunning and totally unique paper lampshades. She set up Papershades workshops in her studio in north London to enable anyone to have a go. All the materials are provided - loads of tissue paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper, pages torn from magazines - and she offers guidance so that everyone can do it and everyone goes home with an amazing paper lampshade like no other in the world!

    There's listening time, thinking time, experimenting time, making time and then sticking time! Once each person's template is ready Ros will print it onto five panels of Papershades translucent paper. The template is then cut out and fixed onto the wheels and....voila! a lampshade has been produced.

    And, most importantly, there is cake! The Papershades cake, complete with lettering, has become an essential ingredient to fuel creativity and chatter throughout the workshop.