Over The Bloody Moon health-and-beauty classes in London
Over The Bloody Moon health-and-beauty classes in London


Over The Bloody Moon

Our body and mind goes through a huge transformation in our 40's and 50's - a time when we are often at our busiest with multiple demands placed on us. We tend to prioritise others and ignore our own needs. Many women feel out of control or no longer themselves. Suffering from any number of symptoms such as brain fog, poor sleep, anxiety, low mood or mood swings, as well as many physical symptoms. Perimenopausal symptoms affect 80% women such as weight gain, hot flushes, poor skin and hair condition, poor pelvic and vaginal health. In addition, our body stops functioning as efficiently as we age causing poor gut health, constipation, poor insulin regulation & poor liver detoxifying.

Over The Bloody Moon run workshops, courses & have a digital self-care platform to help women thrive in midlife. Our mission is to help women take charge of their change through informing and equipping them on how to self-care at this stage of life. The learning experience can be individual to cater to your own needs or in a group to enjoy the support of a community.

All our programmes explore how we can introduce positive habits to enhance our wellness and wellbeing. Whilst this helps us in the present moment, it also sets us up to enjoy a better future quality of life and health. Our content has been developed with UK's leading women's wellness practitioners and health care clinicians - many in private practice. Our self-care tips are practical and bespoke to your individual priorities and needs and are all evidence-based which means they are scientifically proven to work. We delve into a range of different wellness ways to help ourselves including Nutrition, Exercise & Movement, Acupuncture, Herbs, Supplements and Essential oils, CBT, Mindfulness & Hypnotherapy, as well as introduce you to various medical treatments available. So, whatever, your health values and approach, there is something for you to discover & try out

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