MYSTIC FORMS crafts classes in London
MYSTIC FORMS crafts classes in London



MYSTIC FORMS is a hand crafted jewellery collection by a London-based Japanese artist Akiko Ban, co-directed with a graphic designer Taiyo Nagano, the director of the design studio Tamassy Creative.

Akiko is a practice artist known for her lively drawings and sculptures that seek to establish a primitive, naturalistic and spiritual view of the world. In the process of creating this ‘Wearable Art’, she aims to create a special ritualistic and theatrical art object that acts as a prop and converts the wearer into an art piece themselves.

Exploring the relationship between art and the body is one of the research areas pursued by Akiko in her art practice. She has previously collaborated with Japanese fashion brand ‘matohu’ and has also worked with a choreographer and contemporary dancers.

For this collection, she has chosen jewellery as her medium, to demonstrate her belief that art should be more accessible, personal and enjoyable for everyone. MYSTIC FORMS strives for a new approach exploring the boundaries between art and fashion.

Akiko holds a BA in Drawing from Camberwell College of Arts and a MFA in Sculpture from Slade School of Fine Art. Her works have been exhibited internationally and her recent projects include the collaboration with Basement Jaxx and the legendary Japanese animation Neon Genesis Evangelion. Her new work ‘Sky Goddess’ has been selected for RA summer show 2016.

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