M.Y.O (Make Your Own)

About this school

M.Y.O ('Make Your Own) has arts & crafts studios for adults in Borough and Peckham Levels, where you can “Make Your Own” creative ideas come to life, regardless of experience. Think of M.Y.O as an art gym for your creative muscles!

Guests can explore our range of creativities; from painting (paper, tiles or ceramics) and card making, to life drawing handmade ceramics, lino printing, calligraphy, illustration, watercolour flower painting, decoupage, t-shirt / tote bag design and lots more! You can just book creative time in the studio to use the equipment and materials to try different things or you can book into more guided sessions. There's also a library stuffed with how-tos, inspiration and designs in both studios. Materials and guidance are included. We do on-site and off-site sessions. You'll also enjoy the proven mindfulness benefits of getting your creative fix, whilst making something with your hands!

If you have any questions, please contact me using the 'contact host' button on the website page.

Diana, Sam and the M.Y.O Team