M.Y.O (Make Your Own)

    About this school

    M.Y.O was born on a New Year's day walk this year when Sam and his partner Diana pondered how nice it would be to have a place where they could chill out, finish their colouring books and maybe even learn pottery...without distractions (no tempting laundry!) or needing to buy loads of materials and equipment. After several successful Get Creative Pop-Ups, Make Your Own decided to become permanent.

    Sam and Diana run Make Your Own workshops in a colourful creative studio 2 minutes from Borough tube station (6 minutes from London Bridge). The studio has an incredible arts and crafts library with more than 1,000 books and a diverse range of materials and equipment that can cater for 20+ creative activities. They love spending time there.

    Sam has found that being creative and proactive with materials and equipment is a form of mindfulness and helps him relax. Sam is certain you will find Make Your Own classes offer exactly the same benefits. Sam's mission is to provide a platform for adults that inspires them to discover and express their creativity, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They keep class numbers limited to 12 or less, where you will make some cool stuff for you or as a present.

    Sam's space caters for a vast array of creativity including ceramic painting, decoupage, life drawing, notebook making, macrame, tea tasting & make your own tea cup, handmade pottery, t-shirt, make your own cards.

    Better still, Sam's sessions are bring your own beer/wine. Make Your Own also do 'drop in / make anything!' sessions where you are shown some crafts or can just use the materials, equipment and library for your own projects.

    Come and get a little creative!

    If you have any questions, please contact me using the 'contact host' button on the website page.