Mon Dessert undefined classes in London
Mon Dessert undefined classes in London


Mon Dessert

4 reviews
4 reviews

Samina’s food journey has been an amazing and unique voyage of self discovery and teaching, which has formed her to be an expert at her craft. She has been influenced by some of the most important patisserie chefs in the world. Such as the very first Antoine Carême, the Michelin starred Raymond Blanc who is also self taught and the Scottish/French/Japanese stimuli of William Curley. Samina has bad circulation resulting in very cold hands, which her husband hates, but her pastries love!

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23 May
My daughter and I went to London for a “girls weekend” and decided it was time to finally learn how to make macarons. Of course we had tried it before at home, but the result was rather poor.Samina was absolutely lovely from the start. After registering online, she welcomed us personally via email and that made us really look forward to the classWhen we arrived we found our aprons with name tags ready for us. All the recipes were portioned, which saved us from a lot of hassle. Samina was just as lovely as in her emails and instructions were clear. This time my macarons were absolutely brilliant and now I feel confident that I can make the best macarons at home. I will impress my friends for sure!
25 May
I have always been too scared to attempt making macarons myself but after the class I am now confident enough to do it! It was invaluable getting to watch an expert at work and have the chance to try it out under her guidance. The teacher, Samina, was friendly and it was a really relaxed, enjoyable evening in a lovely cookery school in Borough Market. The glasses of prosecco went down well too!
8 Jun
I'm not a baker but would love to make macarons for my wedding favours. I attended a macaron making masterclass with Samina who made it look incredibly easy - she gave instructions anyone can follow, pre-measured ingredients for those who like the easy option and by the end of the class I had almost mastered the skill of making yummy good looking macarons. I would definitely recommend Samina's classes whatever you knowledge of baking! Her ready-made products are very tasty and well designed too, especially the macaron making kits.
23 Aug
Two of us visited Samina's home for our macaron masterclass. Samina was so friendly, welcoming and reassuring that before we even started we were confident that we were going to bake some wonderful macarons...and we did! Samina made the art of macaron making very simple, showing us step by step, so that the result was perfect. We both came away confident that we could make them again at home. The results of our baking not only looked amazing but were very much enjoyed by our family and friends. Would certainly recommend Samina's class.