Mini Earthlings health-and-beauty classes in London
Mini Earthlings health-and-beauty classes in London


Mini Earthlings

It all started 6 years ago when my daughter said, “Mummy can I use your perfume?” and I replied, “No darling, I know it smells nice but it’s not good for you” and she asked, “So why do you use it?”

I had no answer to that! How was I going to explain that I have been using these nasty products on my skin because it was convenient, a social trend to use big brands, or even worse I had preferred to ignore the effects of these chemicals on our skin. Whatever it was, it was all wrong!

So, this is where it all began.

We explored healthy and natural ways to look after ourselves better. Natural products that are kind on the skin, smell nice and easy to make became a big hobby in our home. With time, family and friends also became intrigued and excited about learning, making and using the natural products.

We now run workshops and events to pass this knowledge onto you and we are so excited to have started this fun, creative and all-natural revolution.

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