skin I care health-and-beauty classes in London
skin I care health-and-beauty classes in London


skin I care

Hi! My name is Krishna, After gaining my qualification for Organic Skincare Formulation, I had two choices; Make and sell products, or Pass my knowledge and give back to the community. Goes without saying, that I chose the latter option. It went with my passion for reducing single-use plastic, vegan, sharing knowledge and meeting new people.  Making your own skincare is safe, simple and fun. It’s a useful skill to have just like cooking. The skin is after all the largest organ, so we believe that our skin deserves fresh, healthy and nourishing ingredients. 

We are keen on keeping the value and feeling that this journey began with and we incorporate this in our workshops! So if you want to learn a new skill, use skin-safe ingredients, care about reducing plastic and want to have some fun then we look forward to welcoming you!

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