Midas Touch Crafts food classes in London
Midas Touch Crafts food classes in London


Midas Touch Crafts

3 reviews
3 reviews

Midas Touch Crafts specializes in all types of creative learning experiences – including group workshops, birthday parties, Hen parties, team building sessions, children’s events and more.

You’ll be crafting in a laid back but focused environment with like- minded people and you’ll have all the help you’ll need from your tutors. Class sizes are carefully chosen according to the craft on offer to ensure everyone has adequate attention.

In our lovely London Bridge crafting workshops, you can try your hand at a range of activities from candle making, 100% organic beauty product making, soap and bath bomb making, flower arranging, chocolate truffle making, photo transferring workshops, glass engraving, perfume making, lampshade making and so many more.

The workshops that you will attend will always be delivered by specialists and you can rest assured that they will always be exciting, inspiring, friendly and relaxed. You are also always guaranteed to hand make a minimum of 4 items personally that you can hen take home and show off.

Midas Touch Crafts is a non-profit organization and all proceeds to go Cancer Research UK.

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2 Aug
Had a great time at Midas touch craft! Defenetely coming back again with more of my fiends to take more classes!
1 Aug
Firstly, the host of the class was great. Very bubbly, chatty, enthusiastic. However, this was not what I was expecting at all. There was a lot of sitting around doing nothing (the first hour we did not do any making), and then the 'vegan ice cream' was just a frozen banana. Would not return!
23 Oct
The class was educational. The organisation was excellent. Naomi is an enthusiastic speaker and she imparted lots of useful 'tips and knowledge.


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