M.E.S Leather  classes in London
M.E.S Leather  classes in London


M.E.S Leather

The original “MES” was set up in Poland by the Staniec family in 1988 for the purpose of crafting excellent quality, durable leather goods. Their knowledge and skill has been passed down through the generations and the company now thrives in London, where it continues to produce stunning and timeless leather items.

MES Leather prides themselves on their standards and use a high quality Vegetable Tanned leather sourced from local suppliers to ensure this is achieved. All of their products are made using traditional hand methods and saddler tools.

Each product is hand-cut using a knife, hand-stitched with strong linen thread coated with beeswax, hand-burnished and finished. This hands-on approach means that each piece is utterly unique and made with a great attention to detail.

MES Leather also offers fantastic workshops in which students are able to learn the art of leather craft under expert guidance. Sign up to any of their wonderful classes to add a creative string to your bow and walk away with a new skill and leather item of your own.

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