MĒNSA Supper Club food classes in London
MĒNSA Supper Club food classes in London


MĒNSA Supper Club

I am a traditional home cook, inspired by my mother. My love for food and eating has grown since I was just a little child who was playing in​ her mother's kitchen. My cooking style is influenced by my Italian origins but also by the place where I live now. My cooking style is my state of mind. I like to share this feeling with other people and at the same time get inspired by them.

If you do not see an event on a date that works for you, feel free to message me and request a date. For any food allergies please contact me before booking the event to make sure I can prepare a menu that suits you better. *My house is registered with the local authority. I have a Level 2 Food Safety Certificate, and my business food hygiene rating is 5 - the highest score.

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