Marisa D'Aprano Porcelain Art Studio

About this school

Marisa D’Aprano invites you into her Porcelain Art Studio to learn about the traditions and skills that go into hand painting porcelain.

Marisa has over twenty years of professional experience in the art of painting on porcelain and china. Traditionally trained and highly qualified she has dedicated herself to hand painting bespoke dinner services, giftware and bathroom suits in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs.

Besides her reputation in bespoke and unique commissions, Marisa has also built a strong reputation as a renowned teacher and has taught a variety of styles and techniques to china painters throughout the UK, the rest of Europe and more exotic places such as Brazil.

The Porcelain Art Studio offers classes for the passionate hobbyist china painter, the interested newcomer as well as the experienced painter wanting to get some expert advice. If you have always wanted to try your hand at china painting, then come and learn from the best with Marisa D’Aprano!