maprivatechef undefined classes in London
maprivatechef undefined classes in London



1 reviews
1 reviews

Manuela is an interior designer with a great passion for cooking, so big that it has become her job! She lived between Puglia and Rome until embarking on new adventures and moving to London in 2017. She is passionate about traditional Italian cuisine especially Roman and Pugliese.

From learning to cook side by side with her 'Nonna' to perfecting her technique in professional cooking training, she brings together the best of both worlds in her mouthwatering recipes. In her cooking classes you learn how to prepare the recipes of the Italian tradition, in a very simple way!!

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Pizza Making


27 May
Absolutely fantastic! All the ingredients are fresh from Italy, being sent over from Puglia by Manuela's mum! The olive oil and wine is made my her father-in-law in Italy too! It was a wonderful, warm and interesting class with fab tips and tricks! I went with my boyfriend and now he is going to cook for me - a miracle. Cannot recommend this enough!