Lumiere Natural health-and-beauty classes in London
Lumiere Natural health-and-beauty classes in London


Lumiere Natural

4 reviews
4 reviews

Lumiere Natural is a family run business, offering the best natural artisan workshops in London.

Passionate about the environment and living a reduced waste lifestyle, Lumiere Natural now offers a range of workshops to cater for the individual, couples and families looking to go natural and waste-free.

Lumiere Natural only uses organic and sustainable ingredients keeping in-line with their natural ethos.

Their workshops are essential for those just starting out on their zero waste journey and also a great addition for those that have already begun their journey.

Learn how to make everyday products for the home; skin care products; male grooming products; essential baby care products or natural remedies. There is something for everyone at Lumiere Natural.

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27 Feb
I'm so glad I attended. I've learned so much in such a short amount of time. Looking forward to going natural and package-free. Awesome day with great people.
27 Feb
Great day out making natural products. Can't wait to get home and use them.Amazing that it's all natural and no plastic packaging. Sakeena was awesome and so welcoming and fun. Thanks!
27 Feb
Can't wait to try these out on my baby. What an eye-opener! Thank you for all the helpful information.
27 Feb
I was so happy to find this workshop. Colour matching was great - such a huge selection of colours available and it's all natural. Thank you so much for a lovely day.

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