Campbell Creative Workshop art classes in London
Campbell Creative Workshop art classes in London


Campbell Creative Workshop

1 reviews
1 reviews

Campbell Creative Workshop is set up by two creative artists Lewis Campbell and Kristen Kong who graduated from Royal College of Art.

Lewis works as an illustrator, storyboard artist and animator, working creatively on commercial and non commercial projects alike to form a rich portfolio of work.

Kristen is a designer with a textile background specialising in reusing found objects and waste materials to create new objects and products. She gives new value to her found objects and waste materials by combining traditional techniques with innovative thinking in her designs.

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30 Jul
I learnt how to make a rubber stamp from scratch. Kristen was very informative, friendly and patient; always answering questions with a smile. I really enjoyed the workshop and would recommend it to any teacher (can make a personalised design) or person who loves stationary or who enjoys being creative. You don't have to have an artistic flair at all as you can trace any diagram or word onto the rubber before cutting into it - both Kristen and Lewis were really good at helping out when need be . I loved the session so much I went to my nearest hobby craft store, bought kit and continued up the practice at home.

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