About this school

    An ode to the macrame plant hangers that defined 1970s home style, Kia has designed Kork as a modern update of traditional plant pot holders. Sustainable cork balls reflect contemporary interior design trends and can be adjusted to fit pots of many sizes. Make your pick of one of the many colours of paracord and Kia will take you through how to make your own hanger and get your plants off your surfaces and into the air.

    Kia is a Danish goldsmith turned designer turned inventor turned cake maker. She has been living in East London for over six years, after moving here to study at the Royal College of Art. She is the founder of the multidisciplinary design brand KUFstudios, where she coming up with new projects by experimenting with materials, transformation, light, and everything else that catches her interest. She never really fitted into any of the boxes available so she decided to make her own instead. Here she is making jewellery, making hanging sculptures, developing her patented window blinds system, consulting in idea development, making cakes that looks like geometric marble sculptures, foldable string structures and - workshops.

    Being an expat herself (like the rest of London's population basically) Kia is a big fan of meeting people out and about as well and learning new stuff and has therefore combined the two in her workshops. Making something with our hands is merely the medium for having a laugh with a stranger - or friend - and being inspired to try some new ways of working and adding a new string to your bow.