Kreative Pursuit  classes in London
Kreative Pursuit  classes in London


Kreative Pursuit

The concept of Kreative Pursuit came from research on positive psychology and the science of happiness.

We’re here to gently nudge you. Reminding you of the powerful skills you have which, when applied are proven to bring more positive emotions and meaning into your life to boost your happiness.

Things like optimism, kindness, and gratitude.

With life constantly throwing us curve balls, continuous bombardment of sensational media headlines, and the pressures of keeping up appearances; it’s tricky to apply positive, happiness inducing tasks into our days.

Caution workshops may contain loads of smiling and laughter.

We aim to bring more conversation and openness with regards the UK’s mental health problems. Our focus in on using the arts as a preventative method of nurturing wellbeing, promoting happiness and boosting brain health, all of which are proven by psychologist and neuroscientist research to have positive results when using arts and creativity.

We aim to give communities more opportunities to engage in and explore creative art and design experiences by hosting a range of different events around the country, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, increase happiness, brain health, productivity, and boosting creativity and imagination.

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