Kite Studios art classes in London
Kite Studios art classes in London


Kite Studios

3 reviews
3 reviews

Kite Studios is a creative oasis in Shepherds Bush, a team of artists and educators who love to share and teach art. Since 2002, when founded by Auriol Herford, Kite Studios has been offering quality education in a wide range of art disciplines – for everyone in the community. They offer classes during the school holidays, giving both children and adults the opportunity to stay creative and continue learning in a fun and exciting way.

They have a wide range of classes including pottery, wheel throwing, Print making, art for little ones, music and art classes and much more. With classes available for all ages and abilities - from preschool age children, to children with additional needs; experienced student or curious adult beginner - everyone is welcome!

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Pottery And Mosaics

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8 Apr
We had a wonderful time at Kite Studios. Our teachers guided us through two different forms of pottery so that we could experience a first try with both. It was useful that we had not come with intentions to create works of art, because this really is an art form that can take time to master. But we loved experiencing the pottery wheel and the sensation of kneading and moulding shapes in the clay. It was nice to meet new people and chat while we played with the clay.
22 Jul
Really great fun and learnt loads! Can't wait for more classes in the future!
26 Jun
learned a lot and lovely teacher