Ink and Flow art classes in London
Ink and Flow art classes in London


Ink and Flow

1 reviews
1 reviews

Once upon a time I was an Art Editor working for a fast selling magazine. I took myself by surprise when after an hour long spot coach session and having read the book ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway’ by Susan Jeffers, I decided to quit my full time role to follow my dreams and start teaching Modern Calligraphy workshops and travel to India to train to be a yoga teacher.

Within a matter of months I had taught my first Calligraphy workshop, (terrifying!) booked my ticket to India and quit my full time job.

Fast forward a year later and here I am writing my ‘about me’ section on my dream website, Ink & Flow. To be teaching both Yoga and Calligraphy and combining the two is an absolute dream to me and i’m just so grateful and thankful.

The name Ink & Flow came to me when I was on the bus daydreaming about my new venture. I wrote it in my notes on my phone and am delighted I’ve made it happen!

I am truly passionate about what I do, I love meeting new people, teaching them, and hopefully inspiring others to go get it! Feeling the fear is well worth it believe me :)

Kirstie x

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20 Jun
As a lefty, I thought I’d never be able to master calligraphy. But this class is really well structured and Kirstie is a phenomenal teacher - so friendly and helpful. Was really impressed by my progress - and really loved that I could all the tools home to keep practising. Highly recommend this class.