Kethi Copeland music classes in London
Kethi Copeland music classes in London


Kethi Copeland

Kethi Copeland tells us a story about the many layered experience of being in a city through the detailed line work of her architectural drawings and layers of screen-printed colour, offering a fresh perspective on what may be familiar surroundings. In her Walk By The River print series the twists and turns of the river Thames are rearranged to create one continuous line upon which the well known and under appreciated of London's riverside architecture co-exist.

Her beautifully hand-crafted and screen-printed designs are recognisable for their distinctive graphic style. Kethi uses humour and colour in her screen-printed and paper-cut designs used for stationery and digital prints to connect with the audience. Whether she's drawing city architecture or dressing up as a bunch of balloons for card designs, she has a love of colour and humour, noticing the extraordinary in the everyday. These characteristics run through the artwork she creates, including art prints, commissions, stationery, or running craft workshops.

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