JuandeMagic art classes in London
JuandeMagic art classes in London



Born in 1984 in Southern Spain, Juande was only 8 when he read his first magic book. Although he was self-taught for most of the time, at the age of 18 he moved to Madrid and joined the Spanish Magic Society. He combined his university studies in Madrid and Rome while moving forward as a magician. He spent the next few years travelling and he's also lived in Minnesota, Paris and Venice. Currently based in London, he has performed in Spanish, Italian, French and English.

He also loves sharing his passion for magic and runs regular workshops in London for those who want to know more about his craft. If you get bitten by the magic bug, learning magic from a magician is a great way to start. Its benefits range from improving communication skills to boosting confidence or developing creativity. Also, it is fun to do!

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