JoyFind Coaching mindfulness-and-wellbeing classes in London
JoyFind Coaching mindfulness-and-wellbeing classes in London


JoyFind Coaching

JoyFind stands for FUN personal development! We help busy people to find and express their true self in a way that makes for an amazing life.

'Personal development' can be super serious and, let's be honest, dry. All too often on a course of workshop we come away feeling heavy and dragged through the mud and misery of our problems and issues. And isn't that all too often how we do life?

JoyFind does it differently.

We believe we can have FUN while growing ourselves, learning about ourselves and becoming wiser, more intelligent, effective, kinder and more resilient people, not to mention more true to our real inside self and true life goals (they are somewhere inside you!).

The way we do personal development mirrors the way we want to do life, too. Wouldn't you rather do it all with fun?

Join us on our next event to discover who you REALLY are & what your biggest life has in store for you 💖

Jacqueline Labib is a life coach who runs transformational workshops and retreats around the UK, Europe and beyond.

She specialises in helping people see past what they're currently experiencing, to where they'd like to be instead. Her work is used by everyone from schools, charities, businesspeople, professionals, mums, dads and daughters.

She is also a mentor to life coaches-in-training, helping women and men around the world dramatically develop their skills and techniques for effecting change, in record time. She harnesses the power of playfulness as well as deep insights into how the mind and nature work, to practically manipulate the laws of nature and psychology that govern us all into something we can work with, and that work in our favour, so we have the awesome life of our wildest dreams.

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