Jon Schwochert art classes in London
Jon Schwochert art classes in London


Jon Schwochert

Jon Schwochert studied at Otis College of Art and Design in in Los Angeles, before moving to London. Jon left university to train in traditional techniques and media at London Fine Art Studios. He completed his MA in Illustration at the University of Hertfordshire in 2015 where he received a distinction for his thesis.

Jon has trained in traditional media, but creates his professional work using computer software. His drawings and paintings have been commissioned for video games, comic books, medical illustration, advertisements and editorial illustration. He has been published by Nintendo, The Artist Magazine, Manifesto Press and in many smaller publications. He has been a resident artist at the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Central School of Ballet in London. He has previously taught at London Fine Art Studios and HuangHuai University in China.

Jon's classes aim to give the student a foundation of technical and theoretical knowledge while creating a finished piece of that can be taken home. He teaches through demonstration and hands on work so that students can see and understand his process in relations to theirs. His teaching focuses on methodology and theory while demonstrating technique and material handling, but never enforces style.

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