Indi Skoven  classes in London
Indi Skoven  classes in London


Indi Skoven

Elizabeth is a full time watercolour artist based in Angel, Central London and has been painting since before she can remember! She is the founder and designer behind the brand Indi Skoven ‘Into the Woods’ Prints, a collection of watercolour botanical and nature-inspired prints designed for use within the home. Elizabeth is known professionally for her prints but she also enjoys painting cityscapes and people for pleasure. Her desire to put paintbrush to paper is inspired by many things, from wandering past bloom-laden city flower stalls to driving down summery country lanes. She loves to bring the prettiness and wonder of nature indoors, whilst rendering it a little bit quirky along the way.

Elizabeth loves to teach and is keen to help others develop a nuanced understanding of how to get the most out of using watercolours as an artistic medium. She is motivated by seeing her students grow in confidence, enabling them to begin creating work around the themes which they find most inspiring.

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