Heron Hawker crafts classes in London
Heron Hawker crafts classes in London


Heron Hawker

After spending too much money on house plants - who'd survive for a bit and then start to wilt and move on - Heron Hawker started experimenting with the hardiest plants possible. Now they hunt down plants, succulents and cacti that are both hardy and pretty to look at, creating beautiful terrariums and indoor gardens.

Heron Hawker have a variety of styles. Things that hang from hooks, live solely in glass without soil and others where we create mini ecosystems. Terrariums are their staple and most popular product as they're easy to look after, pretty and evolve over time.

They make all designs themselves, and collaborate with glass makers and wholesalers to build their products. Everything comes with a care guide and a watering device if required.

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