The London Art Collective art classes in London
The London Art Collective art classes in London


The London Art Collective

The London Art Collective was founded in 2017 by Hayley Powell.

Hayley started doing private classes at the beginning of 2017, due to her many years of experience in Fine Art. She began drawing at the age of 5 and never stopped. At age 16 she was selected to professionally exhibit, and then went on to study at Leeds University. During this time she was also awarded prizes while studying abroad in Valencia, Spain.

Even though Hayley attracted commissions, she soon changed direction to become an actress. She found that her skills on the stage actually gave her an advantage - and her ability to carefully listen to, and observe clients, meant they progressed very quickly.

Through the private classes she developed a unique method, based on her own path to becoming an artist. The main feature of this, surprisingly was mindset.

Hayley knew that what defined an artist from a person who 'could draw', was individuality and passion. So now, each of her classes feature group discussion, critique of work and one to one focus - this strongly develops the clients sense of self expression and prespective. Better still, using this method clients drawing ability improved at a very quick rate. All whilst getting well on the way to becoming an artist.

Even more amazing, she discovered that this approach had other multiple benefits beyond the work itself - increased confidence, better concentration, empathetic awareness and more.

This approach is what art is truly about. A powerful, exciting, satisfying process that makes you see the world, and life in a new way.

The LAC will never put workshops on in intimidating galleries, only fresh, beautiful spaces. Footballers like playing football, not watching it on the TV. Same goes for artists.

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