Georgie Mason Studio art classes in London

Georgie Mason Studio

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Commonly asked questions
Can I work on my own project?

Absolutely, I'm just here to guide as much or as little as you need. If you have your own creative vision, I'm not going to stop you - quite the opposite!

Do I need to have experience?

Nope. My classes are for total beginners as well as professional artists. It's about the process not the outcome. You will learn new techniques and tricks for any level, and my studio is a zero judgement space :)

Can I come on my own or should I take a friend?

Totally up to you! Bring a friend or partner if you want company, but equally if you just fancy unwinding and getting creative on your own, that's great too. If you do come alone, it's really up to you whether you chat to the rest of the group or just find your own flow and stay quite quiet!

Do I need to wear scruffies?

Preferably yes. I have some spares but, especially during Covid times, it's best if you can wear something old. Acrylic paint usually comes out but don't hold me to that!!